Allahu Akbar! Pride Järva, Rinkeby #JärvaPride

A short clip of some of the vibrant diversity encountered during the Pride Järva celebrations in Rinkeby, one of Sweden’s very multicultural cities.

I don’t speak Swedish but have it on good authority that ‘Allahu Akbar” translates as Mohammed Digs Gay Pride Parades.

I will look for more reports as the day goes on it appears the festivities came off without a hitch.

Here’s the FB page.

This all stems from when a scary “far right party” decided to host a Gay Pride parade through a heavily “vibrant” Swedish community which sent the Lunatic Left into paroxysms of multicultural incoherence; Swedish “Far-Right” Plans Gay Pride Parade Through Muslim Areas; Leftists And Gay Rights Groups Decry The Parade As Racist

We are Muslims, what the hell are you doing here? Gay Men!

More at Friatider…

Here’s the parade kickoff… Thanks Wally Keeler!

These Vibrant Yutes are yelling… Vi hatar bögar which is multicultural for “We hate Gays”

Watch as a leftist states the Pride March is a provocation against the Muslim community. You can see it was a provocation as some Youth begin to stone the marchers at the end of the clip.

Communist thinks Pride march a provocation against Muslims

Communist thinks Gay Pride march is a provocation against Muslims, this is before the stoning begins.

This is an interesting clip as it shows both march’s, the “Scary Right Wingers” versus the Antifa Nazis. The stoning of the “Scary Right Wing” Gay Pride marchers is an excellent example of Sweden’s vibrant multicultural diversity and offers substantial proof of Islam’s many faceted contributions to civilization.

  • AmicusC

    who doesn’t love the smell of diversity in the morning

    • I hear one leftist got beat up but there is no word on who the Perps are.

      • AmicusC

        i hope they start in the search in white neighbourhoods don’t want to be accused of profiling.

  • ralph rattfuc

    Fags with flags.

  • Wally Keeler
  • Wally Keeler
  • Wally Keeler
  • Here we go This video about
    Gay Pride Pridetåg, Järva

    • I note that no Muslims appear to be marching in your parade.

      The Stoning by the children at the end was a very vibrant response;)

      • Yes, unfortunately it’s true. I guess this event shows us where we should work more. It also shows queer-children are not safe living in this area of Stockholm.

        • It does.

        • I’m sure you’ll win them over.

        • El Martyachi

          I look forward to seeing more of your work.

      • Wally Keeler

        No Muslims would want to be seen with communists, hippie-like, dancing females, Swedish-born infidels, etc. It is likely that the Muslims in the hood would disdain the white Swedish born infidels, left, right, centre or far out. Yet a bunch of white Swedish infidels have the arrogance to assume to demonstrate on their behalf, that they reflect Muslim attitudes.

      • Liberal9

        It appears to be a very small group of kids with one throwing a stone but not seeming to be aiming at anyone(in fact almost hitting his friend). It’s concerning and does mean there is work to do as Oleg Ivanov said. The use of sarcasm by the moderator seems to intone he or she is milking pleasure from that unfortunate small situation.

        • Everyone enjoys being right. This sort of behaviour was entirely predictable to anyone who hasn’t been lobotomized by political correctness. Islam isn’t big on gay rights – one of the many reasons it’s incompatible with Western civilization. Sweden is destroying itself, importing these people.

          I wonder what “work” you think can be done to ameliorate this situation.

          • El Martyachi

            Hopefully it involves hockey-fight level violence visited upon the awareness raisers.

          • Liberal9

            So the extreme right-wing does take pleasure in it as you were quick to confirm. I take no pleasure in being right about that. I was hoping to be proven wrong. You see, that’s because I have a genuine concern for gay people as I do for every human being. There is something wrong with you, if you enjoy being right when people are hurt, whether gay or not. Whether or not it was predictable makes no difference. Obviously the same work in terms of education and awareness needs to be done with the groups where there is still a problem. There are anti-gay extremists who are not Muslim.

          • Well, I’ll pass over that “extreme right-wing” thing without comment. I said “everyone enjoys being right”. Making a dry, sarcastic remark about Vibrancy is not the equivalent of rooting for people to get injured. If you aren’t just dishonestly twisting words but are in fact genuinely too dense to grasp that, well, not much to be done.

            What exactly do you think it is about gay pride parades that Muslims are not “aware” of? Are you aware that the standard penalty for male homosexuality is Islam is death? What “education” do you imagine is going to transform Islamic doctrine on this point?

            (It’s true that homosexual pederasty is common and accepted throughout much of the Muslim world, but that is seen as an entirely separate matter from normalizing or even legalizing adult gay relationships.)

            Muslims believe the West to be decadent. How unspeakably arrogant of you to assume that sitting them down and saying “Hey, gay people have feelings too, you know!” is going to change that.

            “There are anti-gay extremists who are not Muslim.”

            You win the non sequitur award for today! Your cookie is in the mail.

          • El Martyachi
          • Hmmmmmm. Maybe I will watch that.

          • CJ

            Many religious texts call for the killing of sinners or unbelievers. Yes, we moderate zealous views, encourage different interpretations or ignore some passages in regards to Islam as we have with religious zealotry under different banners, going far back in history. They are part of our civilization. Any violence will be dealt with the same way it is with anyone else.
            If someone is violent or criminal, religious or not, he has the same chance at reform. He’s not pre-disposed to violence, hate, or extremism, simply because he’s Islamist and not another religion or has no religion.

            You’re correct, pederasty is a different matter. It’s also commonly accepted that men take very young brides in Islamic countries. However, the must and they do, follow laws of the West in this regard, whether born here, or by immigrating.

          • So the fact that Islam mandates hatred of homosexuality in no way predisposes Muslims towards “violence, hate, or extremism” towards gays?

            Are Nazis predisposed to hate Jews?

          • CJ

            It depends on which follower of Islam you’re talking to and their interpretation. The same is true with Christianity and Judaism. This should have been clear from the first paragraph of my last post. Let’s try to stick to the topic of religion and not go into everything else. I’m not interested in that kind of endless debate.

          • Please tell me which schools of Islamic thought are sympathetic towards homosexuality. And by sympathetic, I mean “don’t want to kill gays”.

            Many Muslims are not here to obey laws. They are colonizers. But I expect you’re too dense to understand that. Anyway, BCF (I assume) deleted your posts as Liberal9, so you might want to not get too wordy.

          • CJ

            Muslims For Progressive Values
            Many come here, are born here, and do obey the laws. Many Christians do not obey laws. Those Christians may cite religion when being violent or deadly towards gay people or abortion providers. However, it would be unfair to make generalizations about all Christians. Many may quote Bible verses or have their interpretation, however they don’t represent all Christians. We can’t generalize about all Muslims either.
            By your assertion that many Muslims are “colonizers” are you saying they are due to coming here and setting up an informal colony or that they are conspiring to infiltrate us with subversive elements by the other meaning of colonizer? If the latter, the conspiracy requires proof, which there isn’t. But you may wear the tin foil hat anyway.

          • These are not “schools of Islamic thought”. The Hanafi is a school of Islamic thought. These are a tiny handful of Westernized Muslims, operating in Western countries. Have you even checked out your own links? There is apparently a grand total of one (1) openly gay Imam in the U.S. And he’s a convert.

            Have a gander at the comments after that article.

            Dear, there’s no belief that isn’t held by someone somewhere. One weirdo is not a movement. You might as well argue that flat-Earthism is a meaningful part of the American intellectual landscape. I’m sure there’s some dude somewhere who subscribes to it.

            Christianity does not demand theocracy. Islam does. A devout Muslim is not allowed to hold man-made law, especially infidel law, above Sharia. Christians and Jews are enjoined to obey the laws of the countries they live in except in extraordinary circumstances, when civil disobedience is permitted. Muslims are under no such instructions. Islam is not a private religion. It is a political movement and a conqueror’s ideology.

            “We can’t generalize about all Muslims either.” Except I didn’t do that, did I? You really do think entirely in cliches, don’t you? You are terribly boring. I think I’m done responding to you.

          • CJ

            I thought you’d respond as you did. It’s very cynical. There aren’t so many openly gay Christian clergy either. You could say the majority of Christians are living under denominations which also don’t formally accept homosexuality. In regards to the Muslims too, it’s not the majority. MPV(Muslims For Progressive Values) is in many cities and countries and has consultant duties at the UN. Smaller numbers simply mean smaller numbers. You can’t make an analogy between Flat Earth and MPV other than both not representing the majority. Look at what both are saying and how MPV has grown but believers in flat Earth have declined. The change has to start somewhere in whichever religion we’re considering. Since it’s in Western societies, it shows that Muslims can be socially progressive in Western societies.

            We don’t have Sharia Law in Western countries, and yet Muslims are here and co-exist, obeying Western laws, and yes devout Muslims do too. If he or she is practicing Western laws, and not using Sharia, that is making a choice to hold Western laws above Sharia. Thus, there is no “conqueror’s ideology” at work here, as you melodramatically put it and no threat to us. It’s paranoia.

            Yes, very good, technically you didn’t say “all Muslims” only “many” do not obey laws. What is the point? There are many lawbreakers of different stripes. Are you really going to tell me you weren’t meaning to leave a general negative impression, specifically about Muslims being lawbreakers? I think it was your initial response which showed clichéd thinking.

            I’ll leave you to the xenophobic paranoia, or jousting at windmills, whatever the heck it is.

    • Alain

      The old bag who claimed it was a provocation to the Muslims was so typical. I am sure she would never say that the same thing through a white Christian area could be considered a provocation.

      Although I have never attended any pride parade I have seen video clips of different ones in North America, so I must say this Swedish one is totally tame compared to others. Perhaps it was because it was going to be in a Muslim area?

      • Being held in a Muslim area definitely played an inhibiting role. The old commie would likely masturbate with a Crucifix on a normal day.

        • Alain

          Agreed and from the looks of her she probably kick-starts her vibrator.

          • Exile1981

            You know you have a problem when your vibrator has glow plugs.

            You have a bigger problem when your vibrator has requires 3-phase 460volt power.

            You really need help when your vibrator requires an external electric engine to get the main shaft up to speed so that the turbines are moving air fast enough through the combustion chamber to get it running on it’s own.

        • Mickey Oberman

          Speaking of which.
          I noticed one gay woman dressed in brilliant fuchsia and waving a rainbow flag was quite pregnant.
          How can that happen???

          • Minicapt

            … inconceivable …


          • Liberal9

            How can you be certain she is gay? How would it happen if she was you ask? Through a planned and wanted conception.

          • If you support women’s rights you must oppose Islam.

          • guest

            There are many ways, no matter who she is, and some involve planning as opposed to “accidents”.

  • Vanko

    Is all gay music in Sweden American?The Anti-Nazi marchers seemed gayer and way louder then the peaceful so called nazi’s gays they were protesting

  • I samband med att den lokala Prideparaden avvecklades uppstod ett bråk mellan flera personer på Husby Torg, En person som deltagit i paraden blev slagen av två andra personer.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Scintillating! Absolutely scintillating!
    Did they all gather afterwards at a challenging Leggo contest?

  • bverwey

    It’s going to be tough playing those drums with hands tied behind your back as your flying towards the ground. sad.

  • Gary

    This is why I have attacked the morons running PRIDE that have allowed pro-Hamas / Sharia groups to march when sharia sanctions what ISIS is doing . Plus, the dolts over at the Bank Of Montreal didn’t seem to care that they took some of the share holders expected Dividend Money to sponsor PRIDE while these groups endorsed hamas ( and or iran) murdering gays by-proxy for not condemning them .
    Now BMO appears even worse in my eyes for ignoring my warning to distance them self from pro-Sharia groups in PRIDE because ISIS is tossing gays from roof tops and they read the same quran as hamas does and the Muslims that support QuAIA on Campus in Toronto .

  • Bengt Åkesson

    I don’t speak Swedish but have it on good authority that ‘Allahu Akbar” translates as Mohammed Digs Gay Pride Parades.

    Thats the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Dont you know anything? “Allahu Akbar” Means in arabic “God is the Greatest”

    have it on good authority… Pls do some reserch before you upload something like this.