We’re dumber than Boston

With the sudden, orchestrated push by many of Toronto’s elites to mount a last-minute bid for the 2024 summer Olympics, we hope Mayor John Tory is following developments in Boston.

That city’s seven-month bid for the games died Monday after Mayor Marty Walsh said he wouldn’t sign a host city agreement with Olympic organizers requiring Boston taxpayers to pick up cost overruns for the games.

“I refuse to mortgage the future of the city away,” he said, in the face of increasing public opposition to the bid.

  • moraywatson

    Perhaps Boston would like to host the 2024 Olympics but hold them in Toronto. With the Canadian exchange rate at US $0.75, the cost overruns will that much cheaper. This would be a win, win.

  • John

    Well if Toronto goes for it, there’s an Olympic stadium for sale here in Montréal. It’s a real steal!

  • ontario john

    Hey this is cash rich Ontario, where money is no object. The media says we all want the Olympics so it must be true. And groups want the next World Expo here at the same time. No problem, what’s a few extra billion for Expo added on to the billions for the Olympics. And it gives two more chances for gays and indians to have pavilions that were left over from the Pan Scam games. Life is good in Ontario.

  • chayisun

    Hopefully Toronto will hold the very popular islamic games. The events should draw record crowds from the muslim world who would travel to Toronto in droves. Imagine, a city full of muslims! Males in their long flowing robes leading their burkha clad females around to shopping malls and spending BIG money! Oh, the sheer joy of it all! The fun! The pageantry! The excitement!!!!

    And then there’s the games…..

    goat races with the winning gold medal winning animal being auctioned off to the highest bidder…..

    Best beheadings contest involving the best of the axe handling contestants from the muslim world. Jihadi John would be the main judge. If they can find him.

    Beach volleyball showcasing the greatest burkha clad athletes from the muslim community!! Imagine the picture taking opportunities! Talk about sexy!!!

    Track and field. Islamic runners, carrying sub machine guns, ammunition and firing from the hip to display muslim coordination! The runner left after not being shot gets the gold!

    Bomb making contest. Expert bomb makers holding korans and praying they finish bomb construction before one of them makes a mistake. Talk about excitement!

    Wife auctioning. Watch the muslims engage in the exciting sport of wife auctioning. Watch georgeous (maybe) burkha clad women being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    Protest marching…..Closing ceremonies will include the typical muslim protest march! Which group of protester’s can cause the greatest destruction? Watch and cheer on your favourite group of thugs! Who wins the gold????!!!!

    Yes, so many exciting events, so many I am unable to list them all!!! Muslim Games!!! Get out your prayer rug and pray to allah for the games to come to TORONTO!!!

  • Waffle

    JT will do Kathleen’s bidding. He’s her boy. He bends over with so much class and style (and he doesn’t do crack — bonus!). Torontonians have nothing to fear. They will not be humiliated. Just broke — forever.

    • andycanuck

      Thanks, Waffle, it just struck me. John Tory. JT. Justin Trudeau. JT.
      Has anyone ever seen them in one place at the same time before?

  • jayme

    A poll was done and 60% favor Toronto hosting the games but if you look at many comments who should pay for it many say the feds and Ontario should cover 80% of the costs.

    • Clausewitz

      The stupidity of these people. There are multiple layers of government, but there’s only “ONE” level of tax payer.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    On this subject, I would love to see Tel Aviv put in a bid for the Games. It wouldn’t be that exorbitant to modify the Maccabi Games facilities and a consortium of “startup” billionaires can probably run it at a profit just as Mitt Romney ran the Salt Lake City winter games. But the fun would be in the International Olympic Committee developing a severe case of the vapors over the bid.

  • simus1

    Wow! Boston bowing out on the Olympics?

    When it comes to rent seeking as an art, who would have expected Boston’s fine old practitioners to lack the clout to drag their city’s taxpayers to the cleaners?
    Of course Toronto has the Wynne in its sails now that the pan scam games are over. If only Shiny Pony can catch the brass ring and back up the Ontario government’s desire to “invest in” such sure fire bread and circus forays.

  • tom_billesley

    Will Jennings, London School of Economics

    The average cost overrun for producing the Olympic Games has been more than 200% since 1976

    I’m sure Toronto could be outstanding in this field..

  • DMB

    It’s time we do something more drastic such as privatize our cities. The public sector has become to corrupt and incompetent to operate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8qFvo2qJOU

  • john700

    Luckily, Paris is one of the cities bidding for the 2024 Olympics. Therefore, Toronto does not stand a chance.
    By the way, a few months ago, when Paris announced their intention to bid, they said the cost will be about EUR 3,5 billion. A few days ago, when they submitted their bid, they said it’s gonna be EUR 6 billion. By the time the bid is approved it will be 16 billion and by 2024 it will reach 60 billion.

  • Clausewitz

    There are a lot of lefties I can walk up to and say “I told you so”, when I predicted the multi billion dollar expenditure from the Scam Am games was merely the beginning of the tax burden that various levels of government were about to unload on us.