‘We like partisan warfare.’ Chechens fighting in Ukraine – on both sides

In the long-drawn-out struggle for Ukraine, it may be surprising to know that Chechen fighters in their hundreds have joined the battle.

It’s even more surprising to learn that they have been fighting on both sides.

The legacy of the two wars with Russia in the 1990s means there is no shortage of people from the Caucasus republic eager to take up arms against the enemy again.

But Chechen forces loyal to strongman leader Ramzan Kadyrov are also fighting alongside pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

  • Arthurorourke


  • Arthurorourke

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Ukraine is doomed. Russia will grind them down and eventually take all of it.

    • ellake

      So thinks Putin.
      Ukrainians don’t think so.

  • moraywatson

    As always, to make sense of things, follow the “islam”.