The Chaotic, Backbiting GOP Does Not Look Like a Governing Party

For the moment, try to put yourself in the position of a swing voter who will determine the course of the 2016 presidential election and the nation. You are frustrated with the direction in which the country is headed. You may not resent the gains social progressivism has made over the years, but you are concerned that they have come at the expense of the liberty of others. Those gains have come at a cost acutely felt by your friends and neighbors. Though you do not harbor any ill will towards them, those who benefit most from the advance of the liberal agenda are people who you may never meet and who, for you, are entirely hypothetical. The pace of the economic recovery has been engagingly unenergetic. The threat of a new contraction looms forever just over the horizon, even as you struggle to meet today’s financial burdens. Abroad, America has never looked more threatened and less respected by adversary and ally alike. It’s time for a change in direction, but toward what? Republicans have gone to great lengths to reestablish the trust of voters after George W. Bush’s second term and the 2007-2008 financial collapse sapped the public’s faith in the GOP’s governing program. Gradually, painstakingly, Republicans have won back the voters’ support and hold more elected offices today than they have for close to a century. But all that improvement threatens to be undone by the not inaccurate impression among voters that the GOP is in crisis — at war with itself — and that may be unable to serve as a responsible governing party.

  • I suspected this for a long time – Obama secretly yearns for a third term:

    • Brett_McS

      Whether or not he gets a third term he will be availing the country of his genius for years to come. I can’t imagine the supine media will ever ask him a hard question; they never have while it mattered.

      • Yes, of course he’ll be around for decades more giving us the benefit of his great “wisdom” – and ego.

      • Bless his heart

        The European controlled press adores the wonderful Barrack Hussein Obama.

        They would never ask a god anything but what the god wants them to ask them, or has told them to ask him.

      • Clausewitz

        Well he has ceded much of the US’s sovereignty over to the UN, so look for him to become the leader of the UN in about 8 years as he believes he’ll become the Royal World Dictator.

        • Brett_McS

          Good point. Our own pathetic excuse for a former PM, the unlamented K Rudd, spent basically his whole – abbreviated – term angling for the top job at the UN.

    • MRHapla

      Page 1 of the African Dictator’s Handbook. After fooling the idiot voters and the moronic press,, placing your people in positions of military, police power,,,,seize, consolidate and then keep power

  • Brett_McS

    And Mitch and Johnny boy were doing such a bang-up job of showing how the Repubicans would govern so effectively. It’s enough to make a house leader cry.

  • Bless his heart

    The war is between Rino /Democrats and America.

    I suppose Obama, Let’s replace the white man, barrack and his allies is what they want. Keep the invasion coming is what voting Democrat will get us.

    So the should see that the Republicans are :
    Not like the “KILL ALL OF THE WHITE MEN DEMOCRAT PARTY.” No. Not at all like them.

    What a governing unity to show the voters.

  • Bless his heart

    Truth in chaotic times must be told, no matter how anyone spins it.

    • Clausewitz

      Truth is not a spin, it’s the truth.

  • Crazy Iranian mullahs with a nuke could drastically alter the election outcome.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There are now 16 Republican aspirants for the White House. The shakeout will begin next month with the first debate, which should make the scene less chaotic.