Mohamed, Mohamed & Mohamed Went Topless & Got Stopped By The Cops!

Three Kitchener, Ont., sisters are planning to file a formal complaint after they say they were stopped by a police officer for cycling topless.

Tameera, Nadia and Alysha Mohamed took off their shirts while riding their bikes in downtown Kitchener on Friday evening because of the heat. They say they received mostly positive reaction, until a police officer stopped them on Shanley Street.

“He said, ‘Ladies, you need to put on some shirts,'” said Tameera Mohamed. “We said, ‘No we don’t … it’s our legal right in Ontario to be topless as women.'”


That ain’t a headline I ever expected to write…

But tell me who complained? h/t DS

  • truepeers

    So, no arrest, just a cop calling them, dumbly, “ladies” and stating an imperative to wear shirts (the source of whose authority may have been common sense – distracted drivers are dangerous) and these creatures want to make it a cause celebre?

    So they are playing leftist victimary cop/patriarchy busters but the effect is just to soften us up, culturally, for the kill. Pragmatically how to distinguish where leftist thinking, however “legalized” by the courts, takes us from the effects of Jihad? So the headline isn’t really that shocking. Extremes meet and Sharia and toplessness are not that far apart. Both are opposed to higher forms of culture and discipline. BTW i think men who go topless, off the beach, are equally vulgar.

    • Interesting take on it Tru.

      • truepeers

        Just Jihadis by another name, err, I mean… Whatever…

      • Exile1981

        I’m wondering what the other members of their jihadi cell where doing while everyone was staring at the distractions.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Yup. Canada will have the distinction of having the first topless jihadi suicide bombers in history. Wow.

      • Exile1981

        Did Ontario make going topless legal?

        • Clink9

          Yup. About 10 years ago.

          • DVult

            Aren’t topless bars still illegal in Toronto?

          • Clink9

            I remember when the LCBO stores had guys in white shirts that went in the back for your order and wrapped the bottle up in brown paper. Good old Hogtown.

          • DVult

            Is that a yes or a no?

          • Clink9

            Last time I was at the nudie bars around Toronto (28 years?) it was everything goes.

          • DVult

            I can’t remember when it was. Maybe 35 years ago but they wore pasties then (the girls that is). It was one of the 3-4 times I got food poisoning in a Toronto restaurant.

          • Clink9

            Yuk. Pasties and poisoning.

        • Minicapt



  • Alain

    Wow from total body bags and face mask to this.

    • Petey

      Women. They just don’t know what they want.

  • Al_the_Fish

    Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

    • Exile1981

      Are those images you really want to see?

      • Al_the_Fish

        Boobs > Burqas!

  • Ed

    Wonder what they would have done on their ride if a man in a raincoat exposed himself. Please help me understand where the naughty bits begin and end.

    • Alain

      Bang on.

  • David Murrell

    One wonders what the three Mohamed sisters’ life expectancy will be.

    • Ed

      Yes, they might want to avoid family trips that pass by Kingston…

  • If their imam stopped them, the results would’ve been much worse.

  • Ron MacDonald

    My kind of Muslim women.

  • pike bishop

    This is the type of assimilation I’ve been hoping for. You go girls.

  • k1962

    Uh oh. Wait until father and brothers Mohamed find out.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This proves that Canada is an Islamophobic country!

  • Linda1000

    The three sisters are saying “Bare With Us”.
    They along with their mom prefer to go topless when outdoors in the heat. The Waterloo police are at a loss for words.

  • Achmed

    When enough of the the population are The Faithful we will have Shari’a law, Allah’s law and an end to this immodesty and decadence.

    These three westerners with Muslim names are nothing but apostates and will be treated as such under the Shari’a.

  • sanwin

    That being said, Alysha Mohammed is a pretty good jazz/lounge singer.

  • Even men should have to wear shirts. Unless you’re on the beach, proper attire is required.

  • DVult

    Maybe to make the regulation gender neutral it should be that anyone with breasts should have to cover them up (especially men).

  • Not_Crazy

    girls no one wants to see you nude. except for creeps