Lord Sewel, you’ve made me proud to be British

The Lord Sewel scandal makes me feel proud to be British. For here, thanks to some glorious John Wilkes-style dirt-digging by the Sun — in your face, Leveson! — we have a proper political scandal.

  • Minicapt

    Jack Layton would be GREEN with envy.


  • pop

    Little snort.

  • Petey

    But really. What’s the point of being a British Lord if you can’t do blow off a hooker’s tits?

  • Petr

    The only relevat question here: “Were the whores old enough?”, if yes let the old guy have his fun. It could have been a lot worse- like rape, sadism, pedophilia and such. He just supports the working girls and minorities (all the way to Columbia, where they are the majority) and provides for the poor families of the downtroden dealers and pimps just like any other celebrity.