Islamic State: built on the West’s cult of victimhood

It comes as a bit of a shock when a young Muslim university student informs you that ‘democracy is a con’ and that ‘Brits can shove their democracy up their rear end’. The student, who had just completed a computer-science degree, observes my uneasy reaction and reproaches me for my naive faith in the idea of freedom. As far as he is concerned, freedom has no value other than to distract Muslims from pursuing their religious duties. ‘Choice is a fraud’, he confidently asserts. Like a significant minority of educated young Muslims today, he believes that liberal democracy and its institutions serve only to confuse and corrupt.

  • Islamists aren’t the first leftists to use victimhood to avoid criticism or punishment. How many times have Soviets not wanted to dredge up the past because they, too, were “victims”? Claiming victimhood is a great way to avoid personal moral responsibility and in an era where things are morally relative, that seems to work out fine.

    • It’s no. 1 on the excuse list!

      • And the To Do List. Every terrorist act is busy season for Islamist apologists.

  • Gary

    In that last 2 weeks I encountered a couple of young black females in Toronto that I tried to help when they had a problem.
    Both from government housing with mothers on welfare , both automatically jumped to the stance to argue with me that my comments to help them understand why the problem happened weren’t true.
    It was amazing to hear how everything to these types is external as if racism is behind everything in their little world of victimhood that the school has pounded into their brains.
    I guess when the parent is a moron and their child can’t handle living off the wealth of the same White people the teachers tell them to hate , the Ghetto life of guns, gangs , unwed 15 year old mums , plus fake diplomas that make you unemployable can look better if you embrace the idea that YOU are the Victim and hone the skills to argue with people and embrace ignorance to be pathetic and get pity so the moral bar is lowered.

    The 1993 Yonge Street riots by Carribean Blat Yutes was incited by Dudley Laws and Charles Roach after the Rodney King Verdict where the 400 years of slavery oppression in Canada caused these punks to rob and smash Immigrant business.
    This alleged 400 years of slavery brought in Job Quotas and Diversity positions for Blacks to correct pats injustices.

    Except for one thing , I saw a number from a Stats-Can census that showed how only 10% of the Black in Canada were here before 1970.
    Say what??????, close to 90% of the rioters didn’t even have their parents in Canada prior to 1970 and yet the Black street thugs from carribean background from the Jane Finch welfare ghettos couldn’t find Chad on a map of Africa but felt they needed to riot from 400 years of slavery??????

    It ‘s nice that the new Police chief is Black and Jamaican, but I’m part Aboriginal and didn’t riot and loot because I was too short at the time which was the standard and not racism to keep natives out . I hope the black community is proud of image they have where rioting to attack immigrants help you get good jobs without actually doing the hard work to earn them .
    The high unemployment rates is not racism, it’s the schools and Politicians with their bigotry of lowered expectation for non-whites where everyone gets the Diploma to avoid hurt feelings and another riot.

    Muslim are now the new group to play the victim , but they know how “Terrorism works so we don’t have to” . They still; cry racism , but the slavery angle won’t work because islam was behind it in Africa and still sanction it today for Blacks.

    There doesn’t seem to be any laws any more because I had gone to the beach last week in Toronto and I saw beer drinkers there , fires on the beach near trees, dope smokers in public around children , bar-b-q’s on the tables with used to be illegal , and e-bikes and bicycles on the boardwalk .
    The people doing this were mostly non-whites while I had also noticed that about 30% of the people I heard talking were doing it in Spanish.

    Times have changed, I guess the old laws were racist and nothing to do with burning trees down or hitting people with electric scooters and fast bikes.
    Now if we can only get Blacks, gays and Muslims to do 140 k on the 400 Highways they gutless white Politicians will raise the speed limit and say it’s because the old 100k was racists to keep minorities of them .