Honour commitments to Georgia or we lose the country forever

Last week, Russia completed its latest land-grab in Georgia. Having interfered in, and, ultimately, illegally occupied, the province of South Ossetia since the early 1990s, Russia has gradually consolidated its position, erecting barbed-wire fencing and expensive CCTV equipment to supervise its area of control.

The most recent operation has pushed the so-called “Republic of South Ossetia” a further 300 metres (980 feet) into Georgia, splitting farms in half and bringing a kilometre-long portion of BP’s Baku-Supsa pipeline, which carries oil from Azerbaijan to the Black Sea, under Russia’s control.

Georgia’s main east-west highway is now only 950 metres from an area now securitised by the Russian army.

  • BobSykes

    BFD. Putin can reestablish the original Russian empire as far as I am concerned. For that matter, the borders of July 1914 are just fine.

    Unless, of course, you really want to see European and North American cities burning under nuclear fires. That seems to be where you’re heading.

  • Petey

    Georgia is lost, with possibly the Ukraine, the Baltic States, Poland, etc., to follow at some point. The West is terrified of conflict, just as they were in the 1930s. But as happened at that time, war may well come to them in any case, no matter how hard they try to hide from it. And when it comes, they may be even less ready for it than is currently the case.

    The only hope I see is that Russia’s teeming millions of Muslims, a ticking time bomb, will critically weaken, if not destroy, that nation from within, before it can follow through on it’s obvious imperial intentions toward its neighbours.

    • They have a huge Muslim problem. I hear Moscow is the largest Muslim city currently.

      • andycanuck

        Outside Islamic countries, BCF?

        • Petey

          In Europe (I guess Russia is considered part of Europe even though most of it is in Asia). Without looking it up, I would guess the largest Muslim city worldwide is Jakarta. Just a guess, though.

    • luna

      Russia and China aren’t afraid of confronting their “citizens”.

      • Alain

        Western governments show no fear either in confronting (arresting) their citizens who criticise Islam, or the radical feminists or the radical homosexuals. Actually any citizen who dares to dissent from the narrative from the “ministry of truth” in the West is a target.

  • Everyone Else

    Yet anther place “occupied”, adding to Crimea, Cyprus, Tibet, and various others (does anyone have the list?) … but the United Nations only cares what the Jews do.