Feminism and the turn against Enlightenment

One of the most striking things of the 21st century so far has been the rise of feminism. No other movement enjoys as much political, cultural and media validation right now as feminism does. Things have gone so far that when British PM David Cameron refused to pose in a t-shirt that said ‘This is what a feminist looks like’, he got flak. So entrenched is the new feminism that, now, not being a feminist can land you in hot water.

  • Arthurorourke

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  • Gary

    The trifecta is a Black Lesbian feminist that can spew any hatred they want about Whites , males and any heterosexual.

  • Petey

    They’d better enjoy it while they can: Islam will put them in their place, soon enough.

  • Hard Little Machine

    But it hasn’t lead to the slightest material improvement in the lives or livelihoods of women. It’s good for angry tweats and threats to get someone fired for something but it’s never actually lead to an improvement in anything.

  • k1992

    “Women politicians are said to create a politics ‘characterised by cooperation rather than conflict, collaboration rather than hierarchy’.” That sounds alright, but didn’t Theo Von Gogh try something like that (“Can’t we talk about this?”) as he was lying in a pool of his own blood? The other gentleman wasn’t really into talking.

    There will always be the need for force and hierarchy simply because there will always be people willing to use force to attain their goals. Discussion, cooperation, collaboration … will only get you so far.

    • kkruger71

      What I find funny about that quote is any time I’ve worked somewhere that a woman is in charge, even when I’m the only male employee, there is still (and often more) bickering, backbiting, arguments, selfishness, etc. And it seems harder to resolve as they are basing stuff on emotions rather than logic and reason, so there is no scale to measure opinions against.

      • k1992

        I think emotions certainly have a place, but they should be used primarily as a motivator to action, not for deciding on those actions. They should always take a back seat to rationality.
        Actually, decision-making based on feelings as opposed to logic seems to be a particular speciality of progressives, and always ends up making a botch of things.

      • Alain

        Very true. I recall how because of that my female staff gave me far more headaches than male staff. At the time it was called the queen bee syndrome. I also noted that the dirtiest jokes came from them, especially when they thought they were in all female company. Never had I witnessed the same level in all male company, even in a bar.

  • Edubeat

    I could write something about feminoids but then again you dudes got to it first.