Anonymous Leaks Canadian Spy Documents, Says Stephen Harper Tried To Spy On Barack Obama

Hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group leaked confidential Canadian intelligence documents Tuesday, revealing the country’s spying activities abroad. The documents exposed the widespread reach of the surveillance network operated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Officially, CSIS only operates three foreign stations — in Washington DC, London and Paris — but the leaked document marked as “secret,” purportedly from the country’s Treasury Board, lists a total of 25 foreign stations, “many of which are located in developing countries and/or unstable environments.”

The stations handle about 22,500 messages a year, though that does not include “the high volume of extremely sensitive traffic from the Washington station,” the February 2014 document stated.

The classified document also includes a plan to expand CSIS’ intelligence network at a cost of approximately 3 million Canadian dollars ($2.3 million). The document criticizes the “inefficient and labor intensive data-processing and analysis systems [used] to process and report intelligence information obtained at it foreign stations. … These outdated processes result in delays that impact the Service’s operational effectiveness and jeopardizes the security of its personnel.”

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We begin with a moment of silence for our fallen friend, James McIntyre.

Stephen Harper, Canadian security forces, and their corporate overlords have now determined that anyone opposing their fossil fuel agenda is a terrorist.

This is the immediate and most important context of the murder of JayMack at the hands of RCMP officers in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Beginning with:

-covert, warrantless surveillance
-outright police state dystopia at the G-20
-full court pressure against Idle No More
-a series of monstrous crime legislation
-and, finally, Bill C-51,

Canada has made opposing fossil fuel mania with action, words or thoughts into a summary criminal offense of the highest order.

Anonymous has been collecting bits of evidence and making plans for many months. Beginning in June, we launched an all out assault on Canada’s Internet infrastructure in opposition to C-51, Canada’s secret police bill.

We are also concerned that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada will once again use widespread cheating in the upcoming federal elections.

Meanwhile, Canadian security forces and their Five Eyes partners in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and the U.S. have been extremely pro-active in developing and purchasing offensive hacking capabilities.

Fortunately for us, Canada has been far more lax in defending its own systems. We have just released a secret document from the Canadian cabinet. We are excluding certain document security features, and, accordingly, some heading material. This is a painstaking process. We simply cannot release a document for every story we will be reporting over the coming months.

This first document, though, combined with remarks from Tony Clement after our DDoS attacks last month, show that Harper’s cabinet made direct decisions domestically, as well as for foreign spy stations, to update security systems at a leisurely pace over at least a four year period.

Congratulations! You left many doors open for us!

We are now privy to many of Stephen Harper’s most cherished secrets.

For instance, shortly after winning a majority in 2011, the NSA discovered that Stephen Harper had grown a bit to big for his Christian britches. He and the Canadian Security Establishment were attempting to spy on their Five Eyes partnes in the U.S. Obama’s top intelligence officials were furious when they caught CSE in the act. They vowed to kill off Harper’s number one priority, the KXL pipeline.

By the way, Mr. Stephen Blaney, there is nothing more undemocratic than repeatedly cheating at elections then cutting the budget for the elections watchdog. All the while, your government has continued with unprecedented secrecy, antipathy to legitimate media inquiry, and outright contempt independent scientific inquiry.

We repeat our insistence upon the immediate arrest of the RCMP killers of James McIntyre. Unless and until that happens, we will be releasing stunning secrets at irregular intervals. Of course, even if such arrests take place, we will still maintain access to information highly damaging to Stephen Harper and other supporters of Bill-C51.

Enjoy the summer, everyone. Fall will be Wild.

Until then:

We Are Anonymous.
Expect Us.
All your secrets are belong to the mask.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    That might be for real , Harper doesnt care not even about its own citizens in here.

    • Doug Kursk

      Oh? How?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ah, Maurixio! Here you are again, spouting your usual tripe, drivel, innuendo and unadulterated bs. Did your inflatable blonde sexdoll develop a leak again?

  • Exile1981

    Anonymous always goes after conservatives and repeats the same liberal tripe.

  • Waffle

    This is unmitigated crap which should play well to the conspiracy theory crowd. I smell ME $$ behind this — probably Iranian.

  • Oracle9

    As the Free World takes a radical left turn, it demonstrates due diligence for Canada to observe our surroundings.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Harper is far from the only one spying on Obama.

  • Maggat

    “Stephan Harper tried to spy on Obamba”. I wish him every success.

  • Alain

    Yawn. Of course the Americans would never spy on us. This is not unusual nor the least bit exciting news. I do get how it is an attempt to attack our PM who runs circles around the American traitor, Obama and his crew.

  • Brenda

    Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but maybe there is something to be said for having your own private server.

    • Minicapt

      Only if you don’t know what you’re discussing.


  • terrence

    If these nameless, anonymous cowards say anything, you can be sure it is completely unfounded, made pi-in-the-sky, or flat out LIE.