Then and Now, Leftists Bowed Before Iranian Anti-Semites

It is a mystery how the Iranian Imam was able to attract the ranks of European and US leftists, libertines and materialists, structuralists and feminists, existentialists and militants of the sexual revolution, post-modernists and bourgeois moralists, and any kind of Communist.

Thirty years ago large segments of European culture bowed in front of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This also explains the way today’s European and American liberal intelligentsia are enthusiastic about the nuclear deal signed in Vienna.

  • Tiffanyruhl

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  • Alex

    The wild celebration and support from progressives and the Left of the Iranian Revolution was news to me. But reading it reminded me of the attitude of many “enlightened” folk in places like Italy and Britain at the time of the French Revolution, who received news of that event with optimism and even joy. But whereas most French Revolution enthusiasts tended to get discouraged eventually, and came to finally recognize its failure, today’s Leftists and naive idealists do not (will not?) seem to perceive what a grotesque failure the Iranian Islamic Revolution has been, however one measures success. And then there’s the Russian Revolution …. Do people ever learn?

    So I’m left wondering simply, why? Why does there tend to be so much support and enthusiasm for such brutal regimes, and for horrible individuals like Khomeini? It’s truly a mystery to me but I would suggest the obvious: that Leftists and progressives in general seem to have an unrealistically optimistic opinion of human capacity for goodness, combined with an absurdly naive under-estimation of human capacity for evil. And perhaps, ultimately, what we see in these cases is people choosing to believe what they want to believe, and stubbornly, patiently, idiotically attempting to impose those beliefs on reality – no matter how poor the fit.