Shocking video footage shows gang of Asian (The kind that aren’t oriental) men launch vicious Tower Bridge attack on a lone man

Sickening footage has been released showing a 29-year-old man being brutally beaten by a gang of Asian men on Tower Bridge in what police have described as a ‘cowardly attack’.

The lone victim was on his way back from a friend’s wedding when he was approached by a group of ten to 12 men walking from the opposite direction on the bridge in central London.

One member of the group can then be seen punching the victim in the back of the head as the unprovoked assault begins.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Unfortunately it’s not just London (Tower) Bridge that’s falling down… the whole city is coming down with it.

    • It does seem so. England will never recover.

    • Gary

      Muslim will make it just another islam hell-hole with sanctioned child-bride pedophilia and public hangings for gays .
      At least the Nazi’s had the guts to wear Uniforms to show what they stood for and be a target. Plus they didn’t leave Germany to move to a non-fascists nation and go on welfare to shame Hitler , these guys shame allah when they go on welfare which is funded by those filthy christians and jews that have jobs.

      • occupant 9

        The hijab and burka are the uniform of the women. The men like the chin-strap beard.

  • luna

    Calling European Muslims, Asians is not correct, politically or otherwise.

  • luna

    10 on 1, kicking the infidel while he’s down, typical.

  • eMan14

    Muslim outreach has a different meaning than what we believe outreach to be.

    • Gary

      Islam’s peace means that muslims have killed off every one of the 6 billion non-muslims on earth so only muslims are left to kill for allah via sharia law which is okay when a muslim offends allah.

      I don’t doubt that Canada already has muslim rape-gangs and thugs like these guys that get away with attacking non -muslims which the Police keep quiet or find a word to use other than MUSLIMS.
      I no longer truest the Toronto Police since I have seen how Diversity works where the Cop is parachuted into the area with THEIR people to keep them happy and yet they often want to enforce Laws from outside of canada from their homeland or barbaric religion .

      Back in the late 1990’s the Police and Media did a good job to avoid linking islam to the brutal death of a little muslim girl that was hacked to death by the parents right to an Honour-Killing just like back home in Pakistan.
      It wasn’t until the case finished off in Court where the Public had the uncensored Daily transcripts that proved that their Muslim Lawyer argued that it was based on the religion and part of Sharia law.
      Sadly , Canada was once again played for a sucker by another Muslim Immigrant with a child that claimed they had to flee their Homeland to raise their child in safety which helped get them approved to move to Canada.
      Islam can not be reformed in just 3-4 years, there is no way to test each muslim coming in and hope they tell the truth about being an islamist wanting claim Canada for allah and impose sharia law one day .

      Recently , the Toronto Police approved the Hijab and Niqab for the Uniform to meet the Diversity quotas to hire Muslim women. Maybe when Ben Levin gets out he can make $90,000.00 a year as a Cop when they have to meet their pedophile Diversity quota to reflect society.
      The majority of muslims are loyal to islam and the caliphate, but don’t tell a Liberal that.

  • Clink9

    Clockwork Orange.

  • Dana Garcia

    Twelve to one is the kind of odds allah’s gangsters prefer.

  • kkruger71

    Good for the guy attacked. Looks like he got some shots in and was still able to walk away.

  • Shebel

    Repeat after me .

    Muslims are Peaceful.

    Say this 5 times a day while having your nose buried in the dirt like a pig.
    Maybe some day you will actually believe it.

    • luna

      Many Muslims actually are peaceful, and blissfully ignorant of their religion. According to Dr. Bill Warner, upon critical examination of the core texts of Islam many Muslims will abandon Islam.

  • vimy

    Shocking video I don’t see why anyone would be shocked. Its all we expect from them now, at least all of us who don’t have our heads in the sand

    • luna

      I would be shocked if it was actually a gang of Asians, but this behavior sadly is expected from Muhammadans.

  • More evidence, if any was needed, that Muslims are brutal fascists.

    • WalterBannon

      The government bureaucracy that lets them in is an accessory to their crimes, and by extension they are also fascists.

  • ellake

    Interesting, only after 2 months police ask for cooperation in finding perpetrators. And they call it “cowardly attack” i/o “racist attack”.
    Oh, well, it is widely known that only whites can be racists.

  • WalterBannon

    Britain needs to have open season on muslims.