Safety measures for Buddhist monks in Thai Muslim south

Thailand’s military has officially asked local administrations in the insurgency-plagued Muslim south to implement a series of special safety measures for Buddhist monks, a day after a fatal attack during an alms gathering round.

Among the measures announced Sunday, provincial governors and districts chiefs must organize “special safety zones” where “the Buddhist monks will be able to collect alms and the Buddhist laypeople will be able to offer donations to the monks,” according to an official document obtained by Anadolu Agency.

The zones will be cleared and controlled daily by military forces, police squads and volunteer militias before monks start walking to collect donations in accordance with Thai Buddhist custom, the Fourth Army — in charge of southern Thailand – told local administrations in the document.

  • Brett_McS

    It would be far more newsworthy to find an Islamic community that lived peacefully with its neighbours without continually agitating or plotting to take them over.

    • David Murrell

      Or murdering their neighbors…

  • Tiffanyruhl

    ……….rocking the blazingcatfur > < Make It Easy