RCMP tracked Toronto activists with fake Facebook profile

Has a waddle of penguins ever “liked” your Facebook page? If so, your account may have been monitored by the RCMP.

Officers with the national police force used a Facebook profile to pose as a broke student so as to communicate with protest groups in Toronto, according to documents obtained under the Access to Information Act.

Through the Facebook page, RCMP agents prodded organizers with seemingly innocuous questions.

The RCMP Twitter account @angrycitizen123 followed the JDL

RCMP follows JDL on twitter

  • k1992

    They follow the JDL, a pro-Ukrainian group, Black Lives Matter, etc., but I didn’t see mention of a single Islamic group being followed. Maybe they don’t bother: We all know that there is no risk of violence or criminality from Islam.

    • Good point;) I am sure they do much community outreach. Like informing the “community” prior to making the latest terror arrests.

      Can you name another “community that receives such special treatment?

      I assume everything I blog, email etc is being Hoovered nowadays.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Pay attention to who’s following you by looking at whose following them, and whom else they are following.
    There is no way I would not have not blocked anyone following such a disparit number of groups, many with contrary goals.
    Nobody on “our side” would have a profile that looked like that.
    It screams fake, or at least confused and clueless.

    • A good idea but no matter, they likely have everything I have ever typed;)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        And may the bastards choke on it.

  • El Martyachi

    Hire me already ya fuckers!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Worst of all, the fake FaceBook profile understands the language of protest.

    And by ‘language’ I of course mean ‘we require free shit in order to protest’……

    This is too damn funny…….