Obama’s legacy: Cuba, Iran, and silly, PC Brit-bashing

Barack Obama’s international legacy will come down to a probably reasonable move to reconcile with Cuba, a possibly disastrous deal with Iran, and, this side of the pond, a gratuitous history of Brit-bashing based on shallow political correctness

At last Obama has secured his ‘legacy’ and in the most unusual and unexpected circumstances. Perhaps the most serious criticisms levied against him relate to foreign policy. Obama’s foreign policy has been not to have one.

Under his stewardship, America has progressively withdrawn from the world, leaving an open field for China and Russia. And yet his legacy will be two historic foreign policy ‘triumphs’.

First up is Cuba.

  • tall tom

    Sounds like a decent legacy, now if he could nuke Israel it would be all good.

  • Scaramouche

    Obama is a pea-brain.

  • Linda1000

    Departing Kenya on Sunday, Ozero said he was proud to be Kenyan-American. Maybe he really doesn’t have a birth certificate from Hawaii. Shouldn’t a president be American first? 2017 can’t come soon enough but it’s going to take at least one term to rescind all the executive orders with the big fat “O” signature on them.

  • David

    ” possibly disastrous deal with Iran”

    Not “possibly”, unequivocally.

  • mauser 98