Battle at Indian Punjab police station ends, nine killed

DINANAGAR, India (Reuters) – Indian police overcame a group of heavily armed men dressed in military fatigues on Monday after a 12-hour gun battle that ended in a small-town police station near the border with Pakistan, and at least nine people were killed.

Police in the frontier state of Punjab killed three unidentified assailants who had pulled up at the police complex in a stolen car, automatic weapons blazing, at about 5 a.m. (7.30 p.m. ET Sunday).

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his top ministers have not made detailed statements on the attack, which is certain to raise tensions with Pakistan if it is proven to have originated across the border.

  • Leannabbott

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  • barryjr

    Unidentified, yeah right. Looks like a classic Pakistani Methodist TEA party action.

  • Minicapt

    FN-FAL rifles, via the Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. Known locally as the “7.62mm 1A1 rifle”.