Brought To You By The CBC: Canada’s National Shame! Tinder Racism!

WTF? Some blonde girl is upset that some guys on Tinder don’t believe she’s native and the CBC decided it was national news.

You don’t get much for a Billion anymore.

h/t BJR

  • Justin St.Denis

    Understatement of the day (about the CBC): You don’t get much for a Billion anymore.


    • Seriously, one whiny girl and they make a federal case about it.

      • Clausewitz

        All it took was for one Lesbian down east for the CBA to ban a song by Dire Straights. Money for nothing should be put on the CBC’s gravestone.

      • Petey

        She doesn’t look native and when people comment on it they’re racist? She’s an idiot.

      • Petrilla

        BCF you are wrong. This girl has been brought up there and now cast out.

    • Or anything of value, perhaps.

      It’s like a Buzzfeed that pretends it’s smarter.

    • vimy

      Every morning the CBC wakes up feeling like a million bucks. Must be depressing for them

  • Rosenmops

    You would think it would make the Mohawks angry when a person of European descent pretends to be Mohawk.

    • Waffle

      I know someone who was married to a blue-eyed, blonde-haired Mohawk. Their daughter looks much like her mother but their son is distinctly native-looking, There are numerous financial incentives for identifying as native.

      • It’s a good gig.

      • Rosenmops

        But don’t you have to have some sort of proof? And what portion Mohawk qualifies? 1/4? 1/8?

        • I believe if one were to conduct some genetic tests on those who call themselves Mohawk (or some other ethnic group de jour), one may not find much racial genetic material to boast of.

          For those inclined toward identity politics, calling one’s self “native” makes one sound exotic and/or important.

          Looks can be deceiving.

        • Waffle

          Like, as in you show me your tomahawk and I’ll show you mine?

          • David Murrell


        • Mr_bigstuff

          Apparently to be considered Mohawk you have to have 4 Mohawk great grandparents

        • Frances

          I think it very much depends on where you live, or want to live. The Kahnawake reserve in Quebec will kick out any mixed-race couples, and there is at least one reserve (it may be this one or another) who is going through the genealogies of residents to determine if they are sufficiently “native” to maintain residence on the reserve. Otherwise, I don’t think it matters, as long as you are able to get the “card”.

          That being said, there are a lot of redheads living on the reserve on Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver.

        • Alain

          No, the Americans use blood percentage but not Canada. Up until fairly recently any woman marrying a status Indian in Canada automatically became status Indian, whereas any status Indian woman marrying a non status Indian man lost her status. That was part of the Indian Act. Now it is pretty much left up to the band to decide who their members are, and that has also led to a lot of abuse. The only way to end all this nonsense would be to abolish the Indian Act and thereby make all Canadians equal.

  • G

    – Check.
    Self entitled?
    Racist herself but screams racism at the drop of a hat?

    Wow! Sorry! My mistake, you ARE an Indian!

    • Rosenmops

      Either that or a Muslim.

    • David Murrell

      …and you get prominent coverage on CBC News!

  • Wait- Quarter Mohawk Barbie hasn’t been pushed out of Kahnawake?

    • lolwut?

      Quarter?… That’s being VERY generous.

  • Minicapt
  • wallyj180

    Kahnawake, hmmm, where have I heard that name before …

    Oh yeah, that is the quaint little community where white people are tossed out.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    A blonde girl from Kahnawake, eh?

    Have her critics not seen the set-in-Kahnawake show ‘Mohawk Girls’?

    One of the show’s main characters has blonde hair, and she doesn’t let her blonde hair stop her from calling out folks, like the hat-wearing girl in the photo, for being ‘less’ Native.

    (Hat girl’s character is half Mohawk, half White, but, the actress who plays her is 100% Native – albeit Inuit.)

    • ?????

    • Petey

      So. Much. You. Go. Girl.

      I need to go somewhere and gag.

    • Canadian

      The two in the middle look Mohawk.

    • The Indian channel (APTN) is mandatory on my Rogers package – the producers and the actors are losers who won’t be hired by any commercial TV station. They even run regularly promotional ads for a magazine, which is the best source of information about “Turtle Island” (that’s the Indian name of Canada – they don’t recognize the country). It’s disgusting that we all finance those useless bums.

      • lolwut?

        The current Turtle Island meaning was created by a white man in the 70’s..

  • Surele Surele

    Oh dear (heh)! People often say I don’t look Jewish. Now, should I start a hashtag… or something?

    • Clausewitz

      Hashtag “Don’t bother me on Saturdays” is still available.

      • Surele Surele

        thanks. I’ll keep it.

      • Surele Surele

        Just remembered a story from eons ago. Back in Poland. My Mom was taking the bus, it was crowded. A nice man gave her his seat, which is what people do in Poland. Then he bent down to her and whispered: I would never give the seat to a Jewess. My 4′ and a bit Mom, moved her naturally blonde curl from her forehead and without batting her gorgeous blue eye, whispered back to him: You just did.

        • Clausewitz


        • Blacksmith

          Sweet, I love those karma stories.

  • Shebel

    I thought she was one of those Albino Africans that is hiding out among the Natives.

  • Gary

    Let me show you how the media is selective for their moral outrage on minority issue.
    I was a 24+ year employee for the Bank Of Montreal which has now forces me into a legal action for justice as an Aboriginal that was hired long before Barbara Hall’s ‘ Sanctioned Racism ‘ against White’s and heterosexuals .
    Seems that the HR staff , and BMO’s lawyer’s , have a Soft-Bigotry caused by ‘ Diversity ‘ because I don’t seem dark enough or wear a costume and dance for the White Man or at the BMO Christian Party to show how they aren’t racists .
    I was off work from an injury cause on the job by their neglect to address an issue they knew of for almost 4 years . But shortly after BMO hired a VP from Manulife Benefits to head their Employee benefits Dept. as the V.P. in HR I saw how Manulife took over the Underwriting for benefits and Insurance for Medical issue.
    Wow , what are the odds that a Manulife Exec ( known for fighting to deny claims and push it to a legal battle in the Courts) for the Benefits packages takes a Plum job with BMO to oversee the Employee claims and benefits via HR ……and suddenly about 4 month later our Benefit Plans switch to Manulife .
    Then comes the nightmare where BMO doesn’t want me back ( as if damage Goods ) and finds an excuse to try and let me go and it appeared as a conspired Termination where Manulife cut me off as not putting an effort into accepting some work while on LTD .
    But Manulife only gave me 2 weeks of part time work prior to a 40 hour week which didn’t accommodate my post injury mind set to return slowly according to my Doctor’s since I was away from a structured daily pattern for Public transit and a full day in the workplace.
    BMO’s HR Policy for LTD only gave me 1 month to get back to full employment and then I needed 6 months with no time off or earned Holidays to restore my seniority and get full benefits back for STD and LTD .

    The end result was a Human Rights Compliant based on my Disability and lack of effort for my employer to find me a job since they CAUSED my LTD claim .
    But somehow the Human Rights hearing seems to favour my employer and bought the story from HR and the high paid Lawyer that there was no evidence my termination was based on being disabled ( I was on LTD when they try to terminate me) because there was re-structuring in my Dept and my job was no longer their.
    The ruling I have from the HRC said my complaint was denied and then listed the issue for why I must pursue this under Employment Laws , thanks folks, 3 years with no income that cost me about $150,000.00 to avoid being homeless AND still Disabled after the 16 months of delays filed by BMO’s lawyer to drag it out which inflict more financial harm on me where I’m now broke and forced onto ODSP with NO severance from this ordeal to cover my debts as well.

    As for the Media bias for selective Outrage or topics they love to hijack and crusade for.
    Not one person in the Media would go near my problem and help me go public to expose the HRC charades to claim they fight for Human Rights and yet didn’t help me as an Aboriginal that was also deemed Disabled , other than attempt to force me into Mediation and settle it quietly which was a joke as the BMO Lawyer thought I would give away my Cow for some magic beans ( Not one word of a fair Financial settlement for damages and a Severance
    to take early retirement ).

    I was offered a Job to shut me up but it was in the USA somewhere and according to the Law they only have to employ me for 3 Month to legally terminate me if they then choose to cancel that position , the HRC didn’t give damn I wasn’t accommodated for that job either since it was a high stress Financial Investment workplace for 40 hours plus over time which is normal.
    I didn’t want to end up in the US and lose my job to be forced back to Toronto to find a place to live while unemployed when I had lived in the same place for 18 years .

    People in the Media must have some serious Mortgages linked to BMO because many did get back to me while others wished me luck with my legal issue. Wow, if I was on Welfare and being evicted along with my new Kitten where would needed a place to live….the Media would jump on it or even jump on my issue if I was gay .

    Check out the photo below , this is what I’m supposed to look like even after my father’s family lived of the land from their farming for over 200 years and are self-reliant with no costumes to dance in for the white man.
    I had also had an objection to BMO’s new 2009 Policy that forced employees to accept BMO’s support for PRIDE issue which included the PRIDE parade which had overt nudity around children in Public and the pro-hamas/Sharia groups when hamas was murdering gays in Gaza.

    Don’t tell me the HRC system isn’t a joke or corrupted to select who get Rights based on Colour or sexual preference that makes Minority lawyers rich and gets bags of money for Immigrants that thank Canada by suing us or out Companies like a bunch of suckers volunteering to be robbed .

  • Jay Currie

    A single drop and all that…but God help her if she marries a non-Indian. Then, regardless of her self identification, she’s off the Rez.

    It all makes perfect sense.

  • Canadian

    Dating outside the reserve? Well well..

  • Petrilla:

    What about the daughter who has been living there all of her life and now told to get out. Is it is racial purity? Is it Indian racism. If whites did this it is racism. She is a proud product of diversity and she should be proud of it. The only racists here are the Indians. Indians. Not first nations, after all , how many first nations accros Canada could there be. How did Canada fall for this diviseness. There are NOT 900 first nations in Canada. How did in Canada a few Indians become First Nations? Why do we have so many? Seriously? How did Canada fall for this under Trude#u Senior and Chretien. How did this daughter of Indians get kicked out. I hope she challenges them, who she grew up with on THEIR racism.

  • Petrilla:

    Perhaps Canadians as in we white people need a refresher course on politically correct. White people cannot say ANYTHING. Black people and illegals can say anything, CBC last night warned all Canadians that their STAR Kanye West all ways says nigger in his raps. So Kanye West can say niigger but I can’t. Why? Why can I say it. Why can Kanye West say the word bigger and I can’t. I would so love this to o to court.

    • Shebel

      He can say that because he is a Nigger. All is cool.

  • vimy

    my great grandma was an indian so what. My mom and dads families immigrated from the uk around 1800 but I also have Scandinavian dna markers that comes from the vikings none of it matters. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here. I guess I just want to be identified as me and the hell with the rest of it.

    • Blacksmith

      I also am a proud mutt, I have a great grandmother that was full blooded American Indian, You could never tell looking at me. I fit the Scandinavian stereotype. I find the race issue tiresome.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She’s one of the creepy space children from Village of the Damned.