To Get History Right, Democrats Would Erase It

More than a month after the coldblooded murder of African-American churchgoers in South Carolina by an overt racist prompted an intense and grief-stricken national discussion about racism in the United States, it is now possible to apply some perspective to the events that followed. Across the South, in public and private spaces, the Confederate battle flag was furled for the last time. Few responsible commentators saw this as anything less than a public good. Some even suggested that further steps were necessary; monuments to Confederate leaders should be torn down, roads and bridges named for Confederate generals retitled, and municipalities with Confederate roots renamed. What followed this catharsis was, however, a full-scale national moral panic. Perhaps the most ludicrous example of this overcompensation came when television networks cancelled re-airings of the Dukes of Hazard and the owner of the program’s original prop car, the General Lee, revealed that the vehicle’s famous rebel flag roof art was to bepainted over. It was then that some cautiously began to wonder if the well-meaning decision to remove this historical artifact with all its negative baggage had gone too far. There was clearly no limiting principle to this national effort to address historical grievances. Where would it all end? Today, it is clear that, for some, the fight to make history conform to today’s moral standards has only just begun. 

  • Jordanwashington

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  • Brett_McS

    “1984” was meant to be a warning, not a how-to manual.

    • Gary

      Trudeau had no idea his Charter of Rights would end up as a Suicide-pact with the death-cult sect of islam .
      Dolts like the 9 white SCOC judges and Barbara Hall will be the first ones beheaded under sharia law in Canada.
      So to some , it’s not ALL bad news.

      • Alain

        Also Trudeau would not have hesitated in taking on the SCOC judicial activists in the least and at least would have invoked the not withstanding clause every time they ruled against his wishes. I base this on his well known arrogance and inability to accept defiance, not as a supporter of our tradition of English Common Law, the rule of law and our history and culture.

  • DMB

    Other than ISIS, Nazi flag the one flag that is allowed to fly freely in North America that should be taken down for all the evil that it represents is the planned parenthood flag. Now there is a flag that demands to be protested at for its removal.

  • JoKeR


    • mobuyus

      Exactly what I say “what’s the difference”?

  • Xavier

    Blacks are being used by liberals to punish a culture they despise: gun toting, bible thumping, NASCAR watching, Republican voting, Southerners.

    It’s the War of Northern Aggression, Volume II.

  • Gary

    How odd that when the muslim anti-West racist slaughtered 5 marines for allah we saw Obama rush to distance islam while the media dragged out every excuse for it other than the quran and allah instructions cited by ISIS.
    My gawd, is Obama that far down the rabbit hole that even if allah and Muhammed stood in front of him spewing jew-hatred and calling for the deaths of infidels he would STILL claim that they both have nothing to do with islam or being muslims.
    Allah and Mo are just a FEW bad apples.