Prostitution is halal (permitted under Allah’s law) in Islam

Muta marriage. The Sunni will say it’s a Shia thing. Well, maybe. Maybe not. (Bear in mind, it’s the West that’s depraved, over-sexualized, lacking in morals. Our women “walk around naked” and all that. But, to more-or-less quote Mark Steyn, we’re not the ones who picture heaven as a brothel, are we?)

  • DMB

    There Imams are pimps and there mosques are brothels.

  • Ho’s fo Mo!

  • jayme

    Kind of gives marriage a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

    • Alain

      Coming soon to the West.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I don’t know about a brothel, but Muslim heaven looks like an escort agency to me. As to prostitution, that depends on its definition, and legal definitions in this area can be hairsplitting of the most excruciating variety.

  • sanwin

    The Shia have mut’a and the Sunni have misyar.

    Same difference.

    • That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard of that one.

  • luna

    Islam has no moral authority.

  • k1962

    That is some kind of stupid religion.

  • marty_p

    A religious Mo prostitute would starve if she only gets service a client once every 3 menstrual cycles.