Local Rabid Khomeinists Allege Immigration Minister Chris Alexander Referred To Iran’s Khamenei As A “DOG”

Additional back and forth has taken place in the Shia forums since word broke of Chris Alexander’s Excellent Shia Adventure.

If the Muslim correspondent to the Shia forum is to be believed Alexander referred to Iran’s ranking Mullah Khamenei as a “Dog”.

Good Stuff Chris!

Chris Alexander Calls Khamenei A Dog.

  • Maggat

    Calling a dog a dog, well there are worse words that could have been used, but if Chris Alexander called this dog a dog, so what.

  • Richard K

    Well, you’ve got to credit Alexander with walking into that den of iniquity and telling the Khomeinists how things are.

    I’m wondering why they can’t bring themselves to spell out the full word “dog”?

    • I am puzzled by that as well.

      • Surele Surele

        same here… as if the word D O G had some supernatural powers… or something. Following this logic, shouldn’t we spell Al-ah?

        • Justin St.Denis

          H-w w-uld we kn-w?

        • Maggat

          If BCF agrees then from this point forward the correct spelling of allah will be al-ah. ma-kes sen-e O-?

          • jaynme

            Ah – I’m gett ing blur red vi sion and a head ache!

    • Dogs lead to dancing, so I’m told.

    • I am skeptical about it – it would’ve been nice if he said it, but it is very unlikely that a multiculturalism-peddling federal Minister would say something like that. Besides, Alexander could offend the countless fans of that noble animal in Canada, had the remark gone public. As of “dog” being spelled incompletely, that reminds me of the way the Jews usually don’t spell out fully “God” out of respect. Maybe there is a secret dog cult in shia Islam, which changes the spelling for the same reasons.

  • Alain

    Although dogs are actually much better than him and his kind, I hope he was called a dog. That it upset them all the better. In fact let us upset them to the point that they pack up and leave.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The dogs were offended.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Khameni is a dog shit faggot

  • ontario john

    I’m sure the NDP and Liberals will be outraged. Expect a major story in the Star.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Isn’t “outrage” what they do? Like thei muslim masters?

    • Maggat

      Never mind the Star, the new Chatelaine (National Post) will have this on the front page.

    • No major media will touch this as ultimately it paints Muslims in a very bad light. The Star must be appalled!

  • If so, that is unbecoming behaviour from Chris Alexander.

    Dogs are man’s best friend, not words to be associated with mad mullahs. I mean- come on!

    • He better hope the Kennel Club doesn’t hear about this;)

    • Rosenmops

      As a dog lover I find Alexander’s remark offensive. He should have compared Khamenei to a rattle snake.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    I think D-G is short for Dad Gum! 😉

    • I don’t speak Farsi so I’ll trust your translation;)

  • Crom Bann

    Mistranlation, actually referred to khamenei as “dog shit.” I’m surprised no one caught it. Perhaps some one would be kind enought to inform the rabid shia twats of their error.

  • Gary

    We can expect the Sunni-shia violence and hatred to start in Canada one day because it has already started in the US where some are vandalizing each others mosques.
    Sadly though , the media was quick to blame white islamophobes while the Imams exploited it for dawah to play the victims as peaceful people .