Has the Troika destroyed Greece?

In recent days and weeks, we have seen the financial and political elite of Europe humiliate Greece. The country is being destroyed before our eyes. The Greeks feel trapped, with nowhere else to go. But Britain is not trapped, and we must get out of the EU before it’s too late

When the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says he does not agree with the 3rd bailout plan, but will ‘implement it anyway’, the complete capitulation of a nation is there for all to see.

The so-called Troika, which consists of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank, have enforced terms which also serve as a thinly veiled threat to the rest of the EU. One has to wonder in whose interest the European superstate really is?

In recent days, we have seen the financial and political elite of Europe humiliate Greece. While it is right that debt transgressions should not be looked upon lightly, those who retain their humility would do well to remember the real origins of the crisis.

  • Petr

    Greece has destroyed Greece. Each yearly deficit was a nail in the coffin. Now it is time for the funeral.

    • KrakenFartz

      The rulers of Greece just left the city gates open so that the barbarians could come in and pillage.

      • mobuyus

        The barbarians grew fat on good food, wine, Mediterranean vistas, paid vacations for all regardless of contributions, early retirements, tax shelters or just paying no taxes at all. They then discovered, they were the barbarians. What’s a Grecian urn? Apparently nothing.

  • ntt1

    Greece spent all its money, then it spent all the money other states were willing to loan it then it refused to repay those loans, the only possible comparison is akin to giving a rubby a couple of forty pounders of whisky then wondering why he is unable to hold a job.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I am anx-ticipating what’s gonna happen in Greece next.
      The world needs another socialist implosion because most of them don’t fucking listen to the lessons of history.

      • ntt1

        Yeah but the intelligentsia will still burble on about how it has repeatedly failed simply because it hasn’t been done right.
        I wonder if the freshly created martyrs to the revolution depicted above had that as their last thought; ” wait.. wait …this hasn’t been done right ….oh shit “