British army reluctant to post troops on UK streets after terror attacks

The British army is resistant to the idea of deploying thousands of troops on to UK streets in the event of a terrorist attack on home soil, despite the perceived increase in threat from groups such as Islamic State.

Although the army has drawn up detailed contingency plans, it is understood to be reluctant to follow the example of the French military, which sent 10,000 troops on to the streets of Paris and elsewhere around the country after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re worried the troops will run away or worse, turn out to be murdering Islamic psychos.

    • There are more Brit Muslims in Islamic Terror groups than have ever joined the UK armed forces, by a wide margin.

  • David

    british army reluctant to deploy troops to the front for fear the death cult will attack the troops rather than the civilians.

  • canminuteman

    There is a long history in Britain , as there is in the US of not deploying troops for domestic operations. The army is there for use in foreign operations, or at least against foreign enemies. One of the reasons that police forces were created in the first place was so that the state doesn’t use soldier against it’s own citizens.

    To use troops in Britain would be to admit that a state of civil war exists, or that muslim “Britons” are a foreign enemy. Either situation would be a major admission of failure from the political class.

    • No country in Europe with a sizable Muslim population will enjoy that luxury for much longer.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I watched the miniseries Rome and one of the things that seemed taboo at the time was a Roman general bringing his troops into Rome.

      • That’s because the Senate was afraid of a putsch.

    • Millie_Woods

      Well said. However don’t hold your breath waiting on an admission of failure from the political class. The fanatical belief in their superiority and their sense of ultimate righteousness matches that of the Islamists. They will ride western civilization into the grave before admitting they’re wrong.

    • Minicapt
      • canminuteman

        Exactly, The Peterloo massacre in 1819, was one of the reasons that Robert Peel created the Metropolitan Police in 1829.

  • My how liberal progressive governments have changed the face of Europe.

  • Time for the UK to admit Islam and not just ISIS is at war with them and the rest of the free world.