Boko Haram Detonates Weaponized 10 Yr Old Girl – 14 Killed

At least 14 people were killed and dozens injured when a bomb tore through a market on Sunday morning in the town of Damaturu in Nigeria’s northeastern Yobe State, according to police sources.

A female suicide bomber — thought to be a member of the Boko Haram militant group — blew herself up at the market’s entrance, Toyin Gbadegesin, a local police official, said.

“The suicide bomber, who had a bomb strapped to her body, was about ten years old,” the official added.

  • B@$#@rds.

    I hope the Kenyans throw this in Obama’s face.


  • jayme

    This is just sickening, but does anybody really care? Are there any Western leaders who still believe that some atrocities are so evil and offensive that the perpetrators must be stopped with force? No and no, I fear.

    • None.

    • Gary

      The UN needs to find a huge area of land for all the muslims to live on until they slaughter each other off and leave the minority of true muslims we can finally deal with .
      If the survivors only have a lesser oppressive Sharia law , don’t let any migrate until they reject all the barbaric aspect in sharia.
      Isolate the cancer to kill the hosts so it dies with them to stop any more people from being killed from allah’s peace .

  • Gary

    At least the Imams are honest to say that Ramadan is a time to get closer to the true islam and be more devout, the issue is Taqiyyah where they tell the media that devout mean a desire for peace when it’s really the islamic Peace after they slaughter all the people that don’t agree with them .

    How could 1.8 billion muslims ALL have the corrupted version of the quran and yet Obama has the only copy of the one that teaches peace and to love the gays and jews.

  • David Murrell

    Mighty brave of Book Haram to use a 10-year-old girl as a suicide bomber. Mighty brave of them.