Australian with alleged Isil links charged with supporting terrorism

An Australian nurse was charged on Sunday with terrorism offences for allegedly supporting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria, after he voluntarily returned home from the war-torn country.

The 39-year-old Melbourne father of five, named in local media as Islamic convert Adam Brookman, briefly faced a Melbourne court on Sunday after surrendering to officials in Turkey on Tuesday, Australian Federal Police said.

Brookman, who arrived back in Australia on Friday night, was charged with one count of knowingly providing support to a terrorist organisation, Isil, which carries a maximum jail time of 25 years.

  • ntt1

    put him on a world wide no fly list then keep him out ,he is not fit to walk among civilized people.

  • Gary

    How long can Cameron and Obama keep up their charade that islam is a religion of peace and that the 300,000,000 + muslims that endorse jihad terrorism for allah’s cause are just a “Few” bad apples.

    When close to 30% of an orchard is poisoned and killing people that eat the fruit from the trees, it’s time to cut them all down and take a torch to them .
    Not Obama, he keeps holding up the odd good apple while expecting us to be glad he found one that won’t kill us.

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    • mobuyus

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  • mobuyus

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  • k1962

    I hope he gets 25 years.