At Least 100 Afghan Police Defect to Taliban

At least 100 Afghan police and border officers have defected to the Taliban in the largest mass surrender since the United States and NATO forces ended their combat mission at the end of last year.

The Afghan security forces surrendered late Saturday after clashing with Taliban fighters for three days at the Tirgaran base in Badakhshan province, in the remote northeastern part of the country. The local police commander was among those who defected, turning over the base’s weapons and ammunition.

  • chayisun

    Would it not just be best to forget about Afghanistan and Iraq and iran and all those toilet bowl countries and let them go at it. Ignore news from there, just like they don’t exist.

    Beheadings taking place? Who cares. It’s a muslim thing. Car bombings over there? meh……It’s a muslim thing. Cult killing cult? So what. Bring the troops home, bring the planes and tanks and guns home. Let Saudi Arabia and Egypt and whoever take care of the place. Oh, and let Israel carpet bomb iran if they want. The Israeli’s are very capable of looking after themselves.

    And if any muslim turns up at any border of any western country send them back post haste to the middle east. And let them pick the country.

    If they won’t go, shoot them.

    • Gary

      It’s becoming a nice scam for islamists to come to Canada as a “refugee” to live in peace but once in side they set-up shop to spread sharia law and groom muslim youth to be terrorists as we saw with the Toronto-18 muslims .

      They play the minority to get into Canada and then make their demands with the threat that there are 1.8 billion muslims on earth which infers 1.8 billion potential terrorist if demands are not met.

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      • marty_p

        speaking of Barbara Hall – anybody know the final outcome of the Lesbian vs Mo barber case?

  • G

    Bush should have nuked that shithole on Sept. 11 and done the rest of the world a favor.

    • Gary

      We wouldn’t have this POS Omar Khadr and his jew-hating Sisters on welfare in Canada as they promote terrorism in Canada.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These defectors to the Taliban are now candidates for beheading by ISIS.

  • k1962

    And all of our training goes with them.

  • WalterBannon

    we should have just dropped enough nerve gas to wipe out their whole country, boots on the ground was a waste of lives.