Turkish Police Use Water Cannons & Arrest Dozens Protesting ISIS Violence

Turkish police have used water cannon to disperse a demonstration in Ankara condemning violence by self-styled Islamic State jihadists, making several arrests.

Hundreds of people turned out in Ankara to condemn Monday’s suicide bombing blamed on IS militants that left 32 dead on Syrian border, as well as denouncing the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The police, who well outnumbered the demonstrators, intervened with water cannon and pepper spray to disperse the demonstration.
Turkish media reports said that over 30 people were arrested.

  • ontario john

    Perhaps the young muslims there simply need more youth camps to keep them occupied. CTV News Barrie is excited tonight about a muslim youth camp this weekend at their new facilities at Bradford Ont. Yes over three thousand young muslims attended a youth camp there this weekend. (no women of course were allowed, the sluts were at home where they belonged). Funny how the media would never mention a Christian youth meeting.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Turkey is massacring Kurds on both sides of the Syrian border today. What did anyone thing would happen.

    • Both of them are our allies!

      • Ho Hum

        I can’t understand why Turkey hasn’t been kicked out of NATO. The Kurds are the only group that is taking the fight to ISIS and Turkey is bombing the hell out them? Why are NATO leaders silent?

        • k1992

          As a citizen of a western nation I am becoming SO (expletive) tired of our countries being kicked around by our enemies, both internal as well as external, and just meekly taking it, like beaten curs.

          What the HELL is it going to take for us all to rediscover a little self-respect and fight back?