“Sanctuary city” means “federal immigration laws don’t apply here”

“Sanctuary city” may sound nice but don’t be fooled. It means that certain federal laws will not be enforced in your city, despite the well-known link between crime and illegal immigration.

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  • k

    let’s see
    as criminals play with NO rules=they can do what they like
    the Police, RCMP, CSIS all have to OBEY MAAAAAAAAAAANY RULES to the point where they…”JUST CAN’T GET THEIR MAN”
    I’d say we are in a lawless society right now

    excuse me while I get my gun
    It might just be too late for me now anyway

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Toronto has similar policies with city services such as Public Health, and the Shelter Support and Housing Administration (welfare and public housing).

    They will provide services to anybody, regardless of citizenship or legal status and do not pass on the information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, not that the feds would do anything about it either.

    I don’t know about the Toronto Police Service or whether they also follow the City of Toronto’s policy about illegal immigrants and not reporting them.

    The NDP and Liberal city councillors passed that policy years ago.

  • BillyHW

    So why aren’t there any sanctuary cities for Christian bakers?

    • eMan14

      There is… it’s called Pie In The Sky

  • Petrilla

    Not Toronto, but in the USA, I think Donald Trump is pushing everyone toward fixing this. I have to laugh at all the smartid pants who hate him. he gets things done. His poll numbers are through the roof. Imagine a politician who gets things done. This is what everyone has been waiting for. Imagine a man who has no use for political correctness? Could he turn back 50 years of marxist indoctrination in colleges and make you people of the Free World believe in themselves again. Damn it all, if he stays in against the mad hatred against him, he might. That would be a new world . It would be welcome.