Is coalition talk a brilliant play by the NDP or an unforced error?

Most people looking at the NDP musings on a coalition with the Liberals view it as a gaffe by the Dippers, a gift to the Conservatives.

  • ontario john

    The good news is that Canadians don’t actually have to vote in the election. The CBC and the Saturday Star have already announced that Mulcair is our next Prime Minister. Loving stories with Mulcair on the CBC and major coverage in the paper including excerpts from his new book. The media has spoken and we must obey.

    • BillyHW

      Barbie says voting is hard!

  • Waffle

    Liberals are always hedging their bets. This whole business sounds suspiciously like “Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription”. Remember that? The leopard NEVER changes his spots.

  • DMB

    The damage Kathleen Wynne is doing to Ontario as well as the declining popularity of Justin Trudeau is in my opinion doing an irreversible damage to the Liberal Party as a whole. At some point in the future the left (Liberals/NDP) will have to merge or risk splitting votes. The Liberals have embraced socialism while the NDP have always been socialist so there is very little if any ideological difference between them. Assuming this will happen and they get into power they will economically destroy Canada the way there provincial counterparts in Ontario and Alberta are doing.