France: Muslims beat woman for wearing a swimsuit while sunbathing in park

Google translate from Le Parisien:

On Wednesday, a young woman was assaulted by a gang of girls because she was taking a sunbath in a swimsuit in a park Reims (Marne). This is the daily L’Union Saturday that tells that Wednesday afternoon, the young woman enjoying the sun and the lawn with two friends in the outfit that requires the exercise of summer tan, the Léo-Lagrange Park, in the city center.

That’s when a girl leaves her group of girlfriends to reproach him for his too skimpy outfits and indecent attitude. “Appalled by such a speech to the hints of religious police, tells the Union, the young woman fights back by retorting that does not have to dictate his way of dressing.” The tone rises and the whole group is reconstituted to pummel the bather shots. Witnesses interpose themselves and call for help, which lead the young woman at the CHU de Reims. It will emerge in a few hours later with four days of total incapacity to work. The investigation of the violence of repression brigade has identified five girls from different neighborhoods in Reims. Two are minor. The youngest, aged 16, has been summoned to the prosecutor’s delegate and the other, 17, was placed under assisted witness status. The other three aged 18, 19 and 24 will be judged on September 24 by the Criminal Court. On Twitter, the deputy mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet (LR), considered the attack “intolerable in our territory.”

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  • Miss Trixie

    “intolerable in our territory”


    Stick a fork in ’em … …


      Eloi appease Morlocks.

    • Yup the Mayor is on record saying there was no “religious context” to the attack.

      • jayme


      • moraywatson

        And islam is not a “religion”, so the Mayor is correct, non?

  • Clink9

    Let them carry handguns. See how long the muzzle problem lasts then.


      Bikini plus derringer = Freedom

    • That won’t solve tthe problem – the Muslims thrive on violence. No the state has to deal with the problem by deporting all Muslims.

      • Dana Garcia

        Muslims like violence when they have the upper hand. They avoid a fair fight.

        • Doug Kursk

          You’ve got that right…

      • mobuyus

        A muslim would not thrive under my violence.

      • WalterBannon

        replace “deporting” with “summarily executing” and you have it right

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      Society will get tired of them and the whole country united can chase them out,weather they born in there or not,they belong to Saudi Arabia not to the West.

  • Petey

    The West is inviting these neanderthals to live among us – what the hell do we expect?

    • BillyHW

      And it was women who voted for it!

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      Politicians in power invited them.

  • Barrington Minge

    When are the bag-heads leaving for Syria – you don’t like the West? then F&CK OFF!!

  • Koala

    I think it’s fair to call this group of girls terrorists. After all they tried to force another individual to abide by their moral laws by using threats and force. Are we going to see Tunisia part 3 in a French Park?

  • The Muslims will gradually impose Sharia on the population through the threat of physical force, after which the judicial system will follow. The West will not be free of Islamic intimidation so long as Muslims are allowed to reside in it.Look at the Mideast – that is the shape of things to come in Europe and all the West eventually if nothing is done to stop it.

    • I agree, Islam is a violent supremacist cult. We have to declare an end to Muslim immigration.

    • Speaksvolumes

      It’s already happening.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Time to cull, mes amis.

    • chuck_2012

      Oui. Bien dit Justin!

  • chuck_2012

    France is the birthplace of the bikini. What these cretin muslims need is a good lesson in being deported to their birthplace. Please France, become and example for the world on how to deal with these throwbacks. we are waiting to see what you will do.

    • mobuyus

      Deport them to Bikini Islands and resurrect the nuclear tests there.

  • mobuyus

    Chicks with hacked off clits should keep their filthy mitts off chicks with clits.

    • jayme

      Seems to me they’re obviously jealous and envious of non-muslim women’s freedom: part of the reason for their hatred, is that they know they can never have the freedom that the bikini represents.

  • WalterBannon

    people in France need to start carrying guns so they can put down rabid Muslim when they attack

  • Maggat

    That translation was worth the read, or my attempt at reading it.

  • Steve

    Can’t carry guns? How about razors and ice picks. Too bad people got to think this way but the 7th century has crawled out of its hole and its time for the old testament eye for an eye meets the koran islamic goats. I think improvised tools will do quite well. A tire jack to the head and crowbar to the knee and then when they’re down back over them a time or two with a car or a truck just to make sure the others get the message. So much for gun control. Do that a few times and the peaceful will stay in their dog houses and behave their inbred selves. Its called survival!