Feds seek to strip Ottawa terror convict of Canadian citizenship

The federal government has launched proceedings to strip a convicted Ottawa terrorist of his Canadian citizenship, the Sun has learned.

This despite a judge’s finding that Misbahuddin Ahmed had “learned his lesson” and that he “could be an instrument for good in de-radicalizing would-be terrorists.”

Ahmed, 31, is serving a 12-year prison sentence he received in October after a jury convicted him of conspiring to facilitate terrorism and participating in the activities of a terrorist group.


Kick him out forever, soonest.

  • John

    Why should we have to pay so that this criminal can have a warm bed, internet access and three squares a day?

    I think that immigrants who commit serious crimes ( murder,attempted murder etc) after acquiring citizenship should be sent packing.

  • Alain

    Just do it already.

  • pdxnag

    Anyone that is or becomes a Muslim voluntarily expresses exclusive loyalty to the worldwide Islamic Ummah, with an inherent duty to engage in sedition while in any non-Muslim lands. There need not be any legal fuss at all about their profession of hostility to any free nation and its free citizens. They advertise it openly by announcing their “faith”, their alternative citizenship. Just acknowledge it and expel them all.