Canada’s Immigration Minister Celebrated Eid With “Friends” Who Support Child Marriage

“Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has been an outspoken critic of “barbaric cultural practices,” such as child and forced marriages…

Fast-forward to last Sunday, which marked the end of a month of fasting for Muslims around the world. Alexander decided to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr at an Islamic centre in his Pickering, Ont., riding…”


This Buzzfeed piece references my Rebel piece, which as BCF readers know was posted here first.

There are a couple of lessons to be learned here.

1) Don’t get involved with Crazy Muslim Fanatics, “Outreach” is a game the Islamists use to hornswoggle idiot dhimmis.

2) Our political  class are not our betters, they are not “smarter” than us nor do they know what is good for us or the nation. Evidence? Our political class thought this bizarre cult to be suitable immigration material.

The pic is Zaki Baqri, Chris Alexander’s buddy and Muslim child marriage proponent.

According to Baqri girls are marriageable at aged 9.

Thank your government for letting this deviant cultist into Canada.

  • Martin B

    1) Speak out against their barbaric cultural practices.
    2) Pander to them for their votes.

    Please pick one, Minister Alexander.

  • Culture matters.

    It begs the imagination as to why people just don’t get that point. These aren’t quaint little customs or rather pungent food items. This is the systematic abuse of children.

    Another reason why moral and cultural relativism is a failure.

    • They live in a Bubble, disconnected from reality and the fatal mistake that the whole world respects and shares our values.

      They’re very stupid.

      • Which is why air-lifting them to hotspots is a must.

      • Petey

        I used to think that their motives for instigating mass immigration, particularly muslim immigration, were entirely malign. I still think that that is part of the story, but clearly, good old-fashioned stupidity has been, and continues to be, at work here.

        But whatever their motives, they will not now admit the staggering degree of their error in inviting islam into our countries in the first place. No – they’d rather convert themselves, turn the police and military on their own fellow citizens, as we are starting to see happen in Europe. It’s difficult to see how the islamization of our societies can be halted and reversed, without it coming to violence at some point.

    • BillyHW

      The post-Christian West, having gotten so used to Christianity, made the folly of thinking that all people and cultures were pretty much the same, and pretty much decent all around.

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      You are right miss and so many cultures now in the world are still living the stone age , that’s the main reason the West should be careful on who is coming to live or visit over here.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’d love to comment, but I’ve just killed my third tall-boy. It would break my personal declared holy Fartwa against being drunk and posting…