Britain’s Irreconcilable Policy on Islam

Two very interesting things happened in Britain over the last two weeks. What makes them more interesting is that they are wholly contradictory.

Abroad, Britain’s foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, put his nation’s name to the P5+1 agreement with Iran, lifting sanctions against the Islamic Republic, unfreezing its assets, lifting arms controls on the regime and much, much more, all in exchange for having potential oversight — with permission requested weeks in advance of any inspection — of the country’s nuclear sites. Britain’s signature on this deal appears to have been an accepted and acceptable outcome with no significant opposition from any senior political figure of either main political party, and very little objection in the national press.

  • Waffle

    Isn’t there an insect that paralyzes its victim with a poison so the hapless victim cannot move or cry out while it is devoured alive? The scorpion, maybe?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    P5+1? How ’bout we simplify things and send them P+ instead? At 1,100 f.p.s….just jesting…

  • simus1

    When nothing makes sense follow the money.
    If nothing sensible turns up, follow the bribes.

    • Must be boatloads of Saudi and Qatari money floating up the Thames.