Speech by Pierre Cassens, founder of Riposte Laique

Riposte Laique, http://ripostelaique.com and Resistance Republicaine http://resistancerepublicaine.eu organised a rally in Paris on the week-end after the first islamic decapitation of a French man in France. This video was published on the 30 June. It’s the greater part of the closing speech by Pierre Cassens, founder of Riposte Laique.

Although, the French man was decapitated by a muslim in the name of allah, and everyone knows that the cancer eating France is her Islamisation (facilitated by the socialist Government of Hollande, which is fully subservient to Qatar and assorted islamic bullies) it is now verboten to the French Patriots to hold any rally explicitly against “Islam”. That is why they gave it the official “title” :

Rally organised by Resistance Republicaine and Riposte Laique asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls and the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve in Paris 30. June 2015.

  • John

    Been following this. France’s political elite has decided to prosecute R.L. They’ve begun referring to Valls, Cazeneuve and Hollande as ‘collaborators’ and that has brought down the elite’s wrath.

    Truth hurts, I guess.

    • France is going to see open warfare in our lifetime. The Muslims have essentially seized territory and welfare is now Jizya.