Trudeau fizzles out this summer

There will likely be no exact moment, no specific instance, that will be the nail in the coffin for Justin Trudeau’s declining electoral prospects. Instead, it’s small stories combining to build the larger narrative. This Sunday’s Eglinton-Lawrence nomination meeting will be the next chapter.

This is the race where former Conservative MP Eve Adams has parachuted in, received the blessing and support of Trudeau and the party backroom, and is taking on local long-time Liberal Marco Mendicino to carry the banner to go up against Finance Minister Joe Oliver in the election.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Bragging about getting someone else’s sloppy seconds is pathetic.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Dion Phaneuf never bragged about Elisha Cuthbert after she was finished with Sean Avery.

  • It’s no surprise that Trudeau is burning out. One simply cannot coast on one’s hair alone.

    I predict that when the election rolls around, fear will put the Tories back in. Would one want to trust one’s taxes to a trustifarian who thinks that budgets balance themselves?

  • Waffle

    Surely this is satire worthy of Jonathan Swift. Does Mr. Butts really think that airhead Adams can topple the Finance Minister? Seriously? Meanwhile, on the ground, Tommy’s paid shills are attempting to spread fear and loathing in this heavily Jewish riding among the orthodox whose support put Joe where he is today. Joe is not totally dependent on one group — he also has strong support from the substantial Filipino population in the riding. Long gone are the old-style Italians who mindlessly kept voting Liberal. They’ve all moved to Woodbridge to be closer to the bambinos. Of course, there are still a few — very few — Libs who vote Liberal out of reflex which partially explains Michael Colle’s ability to hang onto his provincial seat. Here’s hoping that Eglinton-Lawrence is Justina’s Waterloo. I can’t stand his pathetic, breathy voice.

    • DD_Austin

      Long gone are the old-style Canadians who mindlessly kept voting Liberal.
      They’ve all moved to Extinction

      The Italians didn’t mindlessly vote liberal, they were paid to vote liberal, just as the Filipinos will be paid in immigrants, diversity jobs and citizenships to vote for whatever turncoat bids the highest sellout of whatevers left of Canada to them.

      Whether Trudeau wins or loses, we’ll get the same old policy than we
      have gotten reamed with for the last 50 years. If your vote made a difference
      they wouldn’t let you have it.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The Liberals are still the dirtiest political party out there.
    I have no doubt their polls are pointing to further losses.
    Martin lost a majority.
    Martin lost a minority.
    Dion lost more seats.
    Ignatieff lost the official oppositon.
    Trudeau is going to lose more.
    Or it appears he will.
    Don’t underestimate their desperation this time.
    They know they have no chance at forming the government.
    They thought the brand name would rescue them.
    And it’s not working.
    This is not another election where the battle is for second place.
    It’s an election where the Liberals are battling for survival.