Tories take huge lead in latest poll

No way? Really?


Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have vaulted to a huge lead in voter support thanks, largely, to the distribution of $3-billion worth of benefit cheques to parents earlier this week, a new poll says.

Mainstreet Research, in a survey provided exclusively to Postmedia Network, has Stephen Harper’s party enjoying almost the same level of support this week that it got in the general election of 2011 when the party won its first-ever majority government.

  • The Butterfly

    If it really is the cheques, then Canadians are so effing pathetic.

    • k1962

      My husband says ours will be clawed back. Still voting Conservative.

      • Frances

        It’s not claw-back, as happens to OAS. However, it is taxable and reported on the lower income spouse’s T1 return. If the lower income spouse has no other income, then the effect is to reduce the spousal exemption on the S1 and the provincial 428 by the amount of the UCCB received. This means 15% federally and whatever the provincial calculation is (10% Alberta, different other provinces).

        If the lower income spouse does have other income, then the tax paid on the UCCB is equivalent to the marginal rate of tax paid by that spouse (tax rate on the last dollar of income). So generally, you’ll get to keep a lot of it.

        • k1962

          Thanks for that. You sound like an account 🙂 I used the wrong terminology, but what I meant was that we would be able to keep all of it.

  • robins111

    Ever notice that when the lefties are ahead in the polls its taken as gospel.. But when the Conservatives lead its screwed up polling and insinuations of vote buying..

    • David Murrell

      Yup. The corrupt liberal media cartel in this country will definitely censor this poll result. They only highlight poll results against the Conservatives. The whole system is rigged.

    • I remember the Star spinning Smitherman polls, it was hilarious.

    • I’m sure there is vote-buying and whoring on the part of the Tories.

      Just as there is with the Liberals and the NDP. It’s not wrong when THIS guy does it and not the other one.

      As usual, the dim-witted electorate have no idea how the child tax credits work or who is eligible for them.

      Why can’t we have IQ tests for voters? Why?

  • robins111

    In related news.. Heather Malice was discovered this morning stumbling around the Beaches with a bottle of Peach Brandy gnawing on tree stumps, nekkid as a Jay Bird.

    • Ha!

    • Tokenn

      I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not…. in any case, not an image I needed..

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      When she woke up the next day someone offered a snifter of peach brandy to take the edge off her hangover.
      She refused saying that peach brandy made her cunt hurt.

  • Harper must win, if only to slow down the descent into Dhimmi hell.

  • Brenda2600

    Of course, the only polls that had the left ahead were by that unbiased Frank Graves!

  • Edubeat

    I didn’t get a cheque but if you don’t mind sending me yours I will be most obliged

  • David Murrell

    In my local yokel province (New Brunswick) a federal minister (Pierre Poilievre) came in to trumpet the new child payments. The local provincial CBC News went ballistic, in the supper-hour report, with some news “reporter” lambasting the conservatives, saying — heaven forbid! — that the payments would be TAXED(!!). Any klutz knows that all reported personal income is TAXED(!!), yet this reporter slammed the Conservatives over this.

    So the corrupt media cartel might be panicking a bit now, if this new poll is true.

    • mobuyus

      Cbcists are shitting their panties.

  • Waffle

    These checks might help the mitigate the pain and misery about to be inflicted on Ontarians (no) thanks to rising electricity costs and the soon-to-be HOTs. Oh, and did I forget to mention the carbon tax and the compulsory Ontario pension plan? I single out Ontario because it is the most populous province. I’m sure that Alberta has its own special brand of financial misery.

    • Cheryl

      You are right Waffle, Ontario is the worst. You can’t expect Ontario to survive when as we have heard over and over and over again the first openly gay Premier in Canada to get elected. I thought politicians were supposed to have some brains but I guess all the people that voted her in are all brain dead. I did not vote her in so I get to complain, not that is doing me any good.

  • Surele Surele

    let’s wait for the election. this is the real poll. And I do hope they get major majority.

  • Tokenn

    It’s so annoying when something good happens for bad reasons. ..

    • robins111

      I’m not sure its the cheques, I tend to lean towards the spouting off about a coalition from the greasy bastards

  • vimy

    Best news I’ve heard in a while. If the consevative can pull off a majority Harper has to plan to step aside. I like him but I think the general public are getting burned out on him.

    Sometimes its good to stur the pot. I think its time.

  • Frances

    The lefties are all rabbiting on about how higher income families are benefiting who shouldn’t be. They totally ignore the fact that lower income have other, non-taxable benefits. The GST/HST credit is available to every Canadian 18 and older (some odd exceptions) who files a tax return and whose FAMILY income ranges from $0 to just over $42,000 (single) to just over $56,000 (four children) . The base credit for a single is $272 per year – not much, but it rises depending on income to a max of $415 per year before beginning to be phased out at income of $35,465. Families get more, but it is structured such that a single parent gets the same as a couple with children.

    Then there’s the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) – again non-taxable – paid monthly. It begins to be phased out at $26,021 family income, and T1’s MUST be filed for a family to get this benefit. According to CRA’s guideline table, a family with one child will get a maximum of $312.50 monthly while a family with three children will get a maximum of $894.08 monthly. This phases out gradually (just over $110,000 for one child and $150,000 for three children, but the parents are getting very little per month at that point).

    Then there are various provincial programs for low income families, as well as various refundable tax credits available to same (refundable medical expense supplement and working income tax benefit being two federal ones). That’s money directly in the pockets of the qualifying families.

    The end result is that lower income families are better off than their T1 returns show. GST and CCTB as well as various provincial plans aren’t reported on the T1, so these sources of income will not be picked up by Stats Can and other groups if they’re using information on family total and net income from tax returns. Welfare and workers’ compensation payments are reportable but not taxable, so recipients of these payments pay less tax than others with the same income (as in worked for their money or had a pension). Finally, refundable tax credits at the end of the form provide additional non-taxable income.

    I’m not saying lower income families aren’t struggling, I’m just pointing out that there are a considerable number benefits available to them which higher income families don’t have. Plus the higher income families are – on a graduated tax rate – paying considerably more taxes.