So, where are all these British Muslim moderates?

The Prime Minister was right to highlight the wider narrative that leads to Islamist violence. Trouble is, in British Muslim society “non-violent extremists who radicalise young people” are part of the mainstream, and no-one has the courage to say it

So it’s congratulations to Bethnal Green schoolgirl Amira Abase and her Australian “ginger jihadi” sweetheart Abdullah Elmir on the occasion of their wedding.

After all the anguish over Amira and her pals fleeing Blighty during school half-term to join ISIS, finally we have the happy ending we’ve waited for. Romance isn’t dead, although the groom hopefully soon will be.

MPs pretend they don’t know what motivates people to swap suburbia for Syria to become psycho killers or the rape slaves of psycho killers. They walk on eggshells for fear of causing offence.

  • Gary

    I find it tough to believe that the 1.8 billion muslims have 99% among them as peaceful that reject armed jihad and any violence and YET they are drowned out by the 1% that are the Bad Apples.
    Wow, that 1% must have one heluva large number for AirMiles to travel so much to every non-islamic nation and suppress the 99% from protesting in the streets.

  • RonaldmcKnight

    It’s All About You l a z i n g c a t f u < Make It Easy

  • Observer

    In the politicians’ imaginations.

  • WalterBannon

    Where Are All These British Muslim Moderates?

    …. at home building bombs and planning their first terrorist act

    • mobuyus

      All of them are on the lam.