RCMP report underscores threat to passenger aircraft from ‘extremist insiders’

“The sensational case of a Kansas airport worker who planned to blow up a plane could hold important lessons for Canadian security personnel trying to detect a brewing terrorist plot, an RCMP intelligence report warns…

RCMP analysts see Loewen as a classic case of the threat from “extremist insiders” — known cases of employees at key public installations, such as airports, who use their position and knowledge to advance or carry out a terrorist attack.

The report, marked Canadian Eyes Only, was prepared in January of last year by the RCMP’s critical infrastructure intelligence team. A heavily censored version was released under the Access to Information Act.”


Anybody travelling through Pearson feels 100% safe and secure…

Ground Crew At Pearson

Ground Crew At Pearson

  • As long as we ignore Islam’s clear calls for Muslims to commit violence against non-Muslims, we increase our risk of being victims of Islamic terror.

    Denying Islamic reality because of PC fantasies will kill you.

  • Obama could equally be characterized as an “extremist insider employee at a key public installations (in his case, the White House) who uses his position and knowledge to advance or carry out a terrorist attack (e.g. the Iran agreement).”

    • Perfect!

      • In his case, of course, the airplane he is trying to crash is the whole of the Western world/civilization.

  • Doug Kursk

    A few years ago at Pearson, I witnessed a rather elderly white Canadian woman having the misfortune of being asked questions by an obviously Muslim man, employed by God knows who there…it was almost comical, as no one could understand what the man was trying to say, and when they requested help, the powers that be brought in another woman who could not help as her grasp of English was even more tenuous.

    Exasperated, the elderly woman asked if she could speak to anyone in her own language, in her own country no less! Needless to say, that provoked a reaction from the airport crowd, and she was led away by two folks from transport Canada, who, i can state here, were most definitely not from here as well.

    I imagine that that she was in for a long day, no doubt extended in order to teach her the error of being white and Anglo-Saxon in today’s multi-kulfi hell of Canada.

    • Bastards.

    • The situation is the same everywhere – Muslims are put in charge of security on a weird/sick assumption that if the coop is guarded by foxes other foxes won’t attack it – or something of the sort!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If I ever need a good day of entertainment on the cheap I will use that one.
      I’ll adopt a slight lilt of English in my normal Canadian accent and proceed to profess that I can’t understand anything they say to me.
      I could only do that if I had no intention of going anywhere.
      Actually, I’ve quite a few sick days at work and I do need a break.

  • chayisun

    Ground crew be damned. That’s the immigration officials on their way to work.

  • Gary

    We’re screwed.