Queering the Bank

The banks are on the hunt to weed out those who don’t believe a desire to insert your penis in another man’s anus is morally redeeming.

  • Martin B

    At this point it’s a race between the Queermacht throwing us out of our jobs and the Muzz throwing faggots off the nearest tall building.

  • Gary

    That’s why I cut off all business with BMO since the pushed their BMO-PRIDE in 2008 that forced ALL employees to endorse the PRIDE parade even when it had 2 Jew-hating homophobic pro-hamas/sharia groups when sharia is used to murder gays and sanction pedophilia.

    BMO has a Charity set up to look good for the Corporate image , but the same Charity that take in money to mete out to gay causes, also has Children’s causes as if BMO gives a damn because the PRIDE parade gets away with child-abuse to have naked males expose themselves in public around children which is a crime.

    The share holders don’t know that the BMO lawyers are raking in huge bags of money while knowingly making BMO complicit in murdering gays and child-abuse by-proxy. The bank laughed at my concerns for Children being harmed and gays being murdered in gaza by hamas under sharia law.
    The homofascists and gayStapo have so much power that it made BMO morally corrupt to toss the children to quasi-pedophilies , plus gays to ISIS
    /Hamas to be killed.

    How odd that the CEO of Mozilla was forced out of his job because he agreed with Obama on Marriage back in 2009 but last year the gaystapo went after him but not Obama or Hillary when same-gender marriage was popular by the haters.
    Shame on the Gay Cops on duty during PRIDE that think this child-abuse is OK for the 2% of the population and yet will arrest non-gays if they did the sane think around children during any other event.

  • Gary

    Sorry, forgot to add the BMO pix to prove they endorse quasi-pedophilies harming children .
    Don’t forget that a STR8 male father was arrested for child-abuse when the school called the Police and CAS when his daughter in Kindergarten drew a magic gun daddy uses to kill the monsters in the house. Yet, the same schools endorse PRIDE parade and the same Police stand by and allow nudity around children by sick males getting their jollies.

  • Clink9

    Banks love to shove it up our butt.

  • Vague terms like “partner” raise more question than answers.

    I realise that’s h8ter thing but still.

  • BillyHW

    Michael Coren dreams of the day when it’s not just celebration they want, but active participation.