Is ISIS moving into Europe? Turkish border attack raises fears over spread of terror

FEARS Islamic State (ISIS) militants are gaining more control have been heightened after a Turkish soldier was killed and two others wounded in a firefight from across the Syrian border.

Turkish forces returned fire on the terrorists in Syria with tank shells today in retaliation, just two days after a suspected suicide bombing by the Islamist radical group in a Turkish border town killed 32 people, many of them students and some Kurds.

Turkey’s NATO allies have long expressed concern about control of the 900km (560mi) border with Syria, which ISIS controls, with many world leaders believing Turkey has long-ignored ISIS militants using Turkish territory to cross into Syria.


It’s evident they have no lack of sympathizers in Europe, and as France is proving Muslims now number enough to start seizing territory.

  • Petey

    I wish they WOULD seize territory – in an “official” manner, declaring themselves politically and legally independent from France. Maybe that would be enough to prompt a reaction from moronic western leaders. Just maybe.

    Or perhaps the dhimmi West (or at least the French) would shrug and say “C’est la vie” and continue bringing in more poisonous diversity into Free France.

    • I suggest that will occur within the next decade.

      • UCSPanther

        Might be the only thing that awakens France from its slumber, but by then, not even military will be able to enter those areas without a fight on their hands…

        • slippery pete

          France needs to have an extermination of their jew rats that bring the muzzies in

          • UCSPanther

            Can’t have it both ways, fritz.

  • David Murrell

    Not that conversant with Turkish politics, but I am a bit skeptical of the idea that the Islamic State would be able to brazenly march through Turkey (following up on the small-unit engagement across the Syrian/Turkish border, where one Turkish soldier was killed). Even given the unhinged Erdogan’s back-door support for the Islamic State, even this crackpot dictator would not invite his Sunni Nazis full scale into his country, to invade Europe. The Turkish army, and the public, however pro-ISlamist as they are, would not let it happen. And the Tirkish army is strong enough to defend the Turkish/Syrian border.

    I would, however, agree that the numbskull Eurocrats and politicians would gladly invite Islamic State terrorists in through their front door, through illegal immigration, or through legal immigration favored by Quisling European officials. The oncoming Islamic State invasion will happen, indeed, through this route.

  • Ramonshelton

    It’s All About You b-l-a-z-i-n-g-c-a-t-f-u-r < Make It Easy

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will in fact be Islamic Autonomous Regions inside many European countries soon. They will be officially and legally recognized, they will issue their own passports and there will be no civil law from the surrounding European country. They will be totally under sharia. National governments will shove increasingly large piles of cash at them while being barred from providing municipal services. Each Autonomous Region will then engage in a constant push to expand its own borders. Every week every community that borders them will be threatened out of existence. Some cities like Lyon, Antwerp, Brussels and Malmo will cave in one piece and will happily embrace the new order. Non Muslims will be converted under pain of death or they will be kicked out. There will be many court cases, all pointless, where European citizens are forced to flee their own homes and towns while the sharia courts strip them of all possessions and assets. The court cases will embrace the new legal concept of Muslim supremacy. They will apply for but be denied refugee status in their own country or any other European country. Nations which resist will be economically pressured with expulsion from the EU and/or the Euro. In a final last ditch appeasement, European governments will attempt to unfurl their own version of ‘sharia-lite’ for their remaining non Muslim areas. It will fail. This will be called blasphemy for which the punishment is death. Continent wide mass violence will topple the remaining non sharia states. ISIS-like atrocities will be the norm.

    • mobuyus

      How can you be so optimistic, what with all that is going on with the world?

      • Hard Little Machine

        Who says it’s a bad thing? Exterminate half the population and at least the Greens will have a cleaner brighter less carbon laden world to be proud of.

  • Is ISIS moving into Europe?

    There are already 40+ million Muslims in Europe.

    The invasion has been going on for 45 years.

    Admit Islamic theology is the source of the problem or die.

    Playing the PC multicultural cannard is a recipe for death.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The EU honchos in Brussels are ready to hoist the white flag.