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Steam Trains

Steam Train groing through Scranton

Steam Train groing through Scranton

Train 3

  • UCSPanther

    I like the classic diesels myself:

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    How did steam trains fare on the prairies in thirty below temperatures?

  • Maggat

    Ya can’t post enough steam trains to keep me happy.

    • Blacksmith


  • Shebel

    but,but,but—what about all the Co2 and smoke—-

    • infedel

      Well, if we take the left logic it is all about how we feel – and I feel we need more trains and coal and oil so that I do not feel a micro-aggression — so trains; keep on coming. (and go visit the big ones at Greenfield Village )

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is an appropriate song to accompany these pictures — and it was number 1 on the charts on the day I was born.


    • Shebel

      That was a really nice distraction from all this gloom and doom.

    • Maggat


  • DaninVan

    Damn; I love steam locos!
    And +1 on Sentimental Journey. 🙂

  • AlanUK
  • Dana Garcia

    I love trains and enjoyed the 1953 Brit film Titfield Thunderbolt, a clip of which follows.


  • Maggat

    When I was a little kid we’d go and play down by the tracks at Rogers Creek and watch the 4:30 train coming into Port Alberni. Neat fun flattening pennies and what ever else we could find to flatten.