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  • I’m glad to see that Pip is branching out. 🙂

    • Slowly but surely’)

      • His next posts: “Extending Voting Privileges to Cats”, “Does Your Kitten Have A Cat Nip Problem?” and “When Is Ham Too Much Ham?”

    • Male cats always need larger and larger territory.

      • Even a domestic cat is a lion over all that he sees.

        Or something.

  • Edubeat

    Ham,or Hambone, its all the same to a feline

  • Waffle

    What an effing mess!!
    I have never been particularly fond of Mr. Alexander and I’m glad I don’t live in his riding. I also don’t know that much about him, but if I had to guess I would say he’s a PC — you know, one of those “progressive” regressives. I do give him credit though for overcoming his stutter. Good job! He probably saw The King’s Speech and took notes.

    The other positive in this sad and disgusting tale is the lack of effective communications among our Muslim “brothers”. Ha!! They sure look good with egg all over the ugly faces.

    Call me a bigot. Call me a racist. Yes, I know that the majority of them are moderate and peaceful — hell, I even know some who are. But enough is enough. We’ve got enough. We don’t need anymore.

    The anti-Harper rhetoric is ramping up to full volume and it’s scary. There are few options in this election. First of all, not voting (and I am sorely tempted) is definitely NOT an option. Tommy the Commie has his mis-information shills out in full force. Perhaps he’s paying them? Nobody does anything for free anymore. In the past week I have been accosted by some jerk at my local coffee shop (no it wasn’t a Timmy’s) who spouted the most outrageous lies about bill C51 and followed it up with a chaser of climate change b.s. as he trashed the “tar sands”. After I horked up a few furballs, I left. However, only 3 days later, I heard the identical script at the corner of Yonge and Dundas after leaving BestBuy where picked up my brand new computer. BTW, lovely prices but the customer “service” sucks!! This time, the shill had roped in a male member of a visible minority and was berating him that under this bill he could be deported at any time with no recourse.

    Listening to the MSM in the background as I do other things, I hear that the Dauphin will not enter into a coalition arrangement withe the Dipsticks in order to defeat Harper. Now we know that the mentally-challenged princling is incapable of such deep thought, so he is parroting the script written for him by his chief adviser, Mr. Butthead.

    I have speculated here previously that Butthead could be playing both sides of the fence and might be hastening the Dauphin’s demise from the national scene.

    This is not necessarily good news for the beleaguered Mr. Harper. Conservatives cannot afford to be complacent. Take heed.

    • Gonna be a tough fight but the rest of Canada does not want to be like Alberta or Ontario.

    • That reminds me of the visit of the Indian Prime Minister Modi to Toronto a few months ago. He had a big event in the Ricoh Coliseum at Exhibition Place. The then candidate for leader of the Ontario PC Party Patrick Brown had an event in another hall of the same building with the promise to bring Modi to it. Modi actually showed up for about 5 minutes. Then on the stairs to the parking lot, while we were leaving with my wife and Shobie, we saw Chris Alexander. He was wearing white baggy pants and a long Indian shirt. When we reached the parking I approached him: “Nice to see you again, Chris. What’s the deal wit the outfit?” (I actually met him once before he became a minister). He named the outfit, but it was a Hindi word and I forgot it. It’s amazing what the politicians are willing to do to get a few more votes. I suspect that he showed up at the shia event with a turban and long mullah robe.

      Last weekend we went to a dim-sum restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. There were pictures of the owner with celebrities hanging near the cashier (like Wynne and her “wife”, two pictures of Trudeau, etc.). Among them was Jason Kenney wearing some ridiculous multi-colour Chinese silk jacket. I wish I had my camera with me.

      The multiculturalism is turning into a scary reality.

      • eMan14

        I just want someone who represents me. Not many of those to choose from in Brampton.

      • It’s a caricature of itself!

  • jayme

    Darn, that’s one good-looking cat! Nice fiery article, BCF; it will be interesting to see what the general reaction to it at the Rebel turns out to be.

  • Clink9

    Excellent work Mr. Catfur. Two blogs, nine lives …..

  • Alain

    Great to see!

  • JoKeR
  • Reader

    I see in the letter the mention of “Islam and its true followers”, but I would have liked them to explain their definition of what that entails in writing, rather than them leaving it to us to envision what they really mean.

  • eMan14

    Excellent writing at theRebel