UK’s Begg Fudges Politics & Religion to Promote Islamism

Islamist apologist Moazzam Begg, best known for being Britain’s most outspoken supporter of the Taliban, slammed David Cameron’s landmark speech on Islamism, arguing that the UK government’s approach is duplicitous.

This is not surprising, since David Cameron named CAGE, the organization of which Begg is director of Outreach and co-founder, in the speech as supporting non-violent Islamist extremism. CAGE is best known in the UK for its support of Mohammed Emwazi, with whom CAGE had a relationship before he became the Islamic State’slead executioner, known as Jihadi John.

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      Get lost!

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    Throughout history, Europe kicked islam out– do it again,forget multiculti humanist junk–learn from history. Nationalism is not racist and islam is not a race.