“Refugee Children” Invade Sweden

One of the fastest growing refugee groups in Sweden is the so-called “unaccompanied refugee children.” The number of children who seek asylum has exploded over the last ten years. It is presumed that the reason for this is that children are granted asylum much quicker than adults, and that Sweden does not verify the age of these “children.” Refugees are also allowed to bring their entire family to Sweden once they get residency status — even if you claimed to be alone in the world when you arrived.

In June alone, 1500 asylum-seeking children came to Sweden; authorities are now struggling to find accommodations for them.

Saad Alsaud Aged 14, Ahmad Farid With Teddy Bear Aged 16 Child Refugees

Saad Alsaud Aged 14, Ahmad Farid With Teddy Bear Aged 16 Child Refugees

  • Brett_McS

    16 going on 36. The teddy bear is a nice touch, though.

    • Makes him very empathetic.

    • The teddy bear belongs in the hands of Sweden’s leftist elites. They believe in fantasy.

    • Clink9

      Shhhhhh! you’ll ruin the narrative.

  • Dana Garcia

    Those “boys” look rather well developed. Doubtless they will be sent to schools and given access to Swedish girls.

    • Yup, Denmark just found out most of its child refugees were in fact adults.

      • Dana Garcia

        Lotta “kids” crossing over the MX border are of that category, including gang members who look young.

        • tom_billesley

          Some of them have gang tats that are older than 18.

      • JoKeR

        You chronologist! You are discriminating based upon age.

        If they think inside they are 16, what right does anybody have to disagree?

  • Christophercoaxum

    On Our Community l-azingcatf-u Compare You to Others

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How many here had a 5 o’clock shadow when they were 14?
    Any girls here don’t have to answer that question.

    • adamd

      If they really wanted to know, x-ray examinations of the growth plates could be used to give a rough age of the “child.” Obviously, the Swedes are interested only in importing Muslims as fast as possible.

    • Exile1981

      I know a lot of 20 something’s who can’t get that level of shadow.
      At 14 I had a “mustache” – though looking back as an adult my stache was pretty pathetic and patchy. Though the girls liked it and the other guys in my grade where jealous of it.
      Now my sister had a great mustache at 14, way fuller than mine was.

  • moraywatson

    Studies indicate that the vast majority of totalitarians fail to develop cognitive skills beyond the Grade 2 level. Unfortunately the same studies show that socialist politicians fail to develop beyond the Grade 1 level.

  • disqus_EhU3YQ88hy

    Good to know that the US is not the only country in the world with an idiotic immigration plan. Misery loves company and that picture goes to prove that none of us is as dumb as all of us.

  • Observer

    This reminds me of all the 18 and 26 year-old “palestinian children” killed in last years conflict started by Hamas firing off hundreds of rockets towards Israel.

  • tom_billesley

    UNHCR and Council of Europe report

    That meeting underlined, amongst other things, the need to “recognise young refugees, asylum seekers and other youths in need of humanitarian protection aged 18-30 years old as a group with specific needs within European society”.