NDP MP Nathan Cullen raises possibility of coalition — and don’t believe those Liberal denials

Coalition talk is back, this time due to comments from a senior New Democrat MP who says progressives should work together to unseat Harper and the Conservatives if the coming election ends in a minority.

  • G

    I’m absolutely certain that the coalition talk is quite far along and has been going on for quite a while.

    Even if some parliament hill journalists knew about NDP/Liberal quiet, informal, unannounced, backroom meetings the public would never hear about it. The journalists would play along and keep their mouths shut. They all would. Even on the unlikely event if some journalist wanted to run with the story it would declared “not as important as some other story” and it would not run.

  • Alain

    They never learn from past experience it seems. I recall when this attempted coup was tried before, and everyone I knew, many who were not CPC supporters, were furious. They saw it for what it was: an attempted coup to gain power for the sake of gaining power and to hell with the voters.

  • I think a coalition is very likely. The race is to beat Harper by any means possible.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with the comments on this thread, especially Alain’s. What was interesting was to watch the coverage of CTV News, a media outlet stronly supportive of Justin Trudeau. The corrupt network trotted out a pro-Liberal talking head to claim that “there would only be an informal coalition”.

    Wrong. What is going to happen,in case of a Harper minority win, would be for the opposition to vote down a money bill, then the oposition would formally unite (after the fact), then go to the Governor General to get permission to form a government.