Meanwhile, in Saudi: women provocatively displaying eyebrows harassed in what is described as a resort area

While the Muslim commenters do, I guess to their credit, generally view this incident as not-kosher, and are even it a bit of a moral dither about it, (there have been arrests), there is also some discussion as to whether these chicks should really have been out without their male owners.

↑ ↑↑Begging for it!!!!!!!! ↑ ↑ ↑ 

This is how these people (yeah, “these people”. Bite me) conduct themselves towards women wearing garbage bags. I wonder how their even lower-IQ co-religionists would behave around, say, friendly blonde girls in shorts.

Oh, right.

(I find the Arab News comments fascinating. [This is a publication for which I have a certain amount of affection, by the way.] The assumption is invariably “these boys are bad Muslims. Our perfect Islamic values have degenerated, probably because of the West”.

But Islam has always treated women as property, always condoned certain types of rape, always given obscene license to male sexual appetite.  And I would argue that this has always been its main selling point. Islam’s “prophet” himself was, infamously, a pedophile, a satyr, and what we would certainly define as a rapist. And those were his good points.)

  • Sluts! Burn Them! Burn Them!

  • Clink9

    This will soon be on the front page of Cosmopolitan.

  • BillyHW

    Western women don’t appreciate white, Christian men enough. White, Christian men are the only thing that stands between them and a lifetime of rape-slavery. They should be on their knees daily thanking God for white, Christian men.

    • I’ll go get K.

    • Well, Billy, Saudi women don’t have the vote. Or any rights. And you can see what a paradise they live under.

  • Clinton

    This is precisely the sort of news report that Western, self-described
    ‘feminists’ pass over in silence. For all their blather about solidarity
    among women, they have nothing to say to stories like this…

  • DMB

    Why hitting on someone wearing a burka is never a good idea!

    • glasnost

      Great video.

      Seems the old guy had some difficulty finding it.

      Reminds me that while “hitting on someone” is idiomatic in our culture, in theirs he might actually be hitting.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    I only had to read the first sassy paragraph to know this was a blogpost by Mamba. 🙂

    ‘Haram, haram!’ – said the asswipe all up in her face/space at the 1:08 mark

    These segregated savages would ‘explode’ if they ever found themselves in a strip club.

    And I don’t mean ‘explode’ like with bombs and such.

    Forget the Victoria’s Secret cataloque.
    Forget the Sears catalogue.
    I’ll bet riyals to doughnuts that these guys could rub one out to a box of women’s hair dye.

  • Martin B

    Holy crap check out those Soddy commenters.

    “How about these girls shamelessly roaming around without their guardians, showing their Abayas in eyes opened style, who ignite the fire here?”

    Shamelessly roaming around with their eyes open!

    “This happens in every country. In Saudi, these girls were harassed only, but in “civilized” countries, they would have been raped”

    For some reason there was a lot less raping going on in “civilized” countries like Sweden & the UK before they opened their gates to Mohammedans.

  • Barrington Minge

    Mooslim men clearly have no self control, hence the need wrap their women up in body bags.
    The rest of us (ie the civilised world) treat women with the respect they are due as fellow human beings and the bearers of our children.
    I can look at a pretty girl without any thoughts of rape and without getting a raging hard-on, and see her as just that – a pretty girl. I then get on with my life.
    What is it with these mooslims?

    • Check out the article linked at “male sexual appetite”. (And feel just a little bit dirty while you do.) You might want to scroll down a bit, dirty boy.