Little reality in reality TV

“…An early favorite of mine was Black. White, a 2006 FX series produced by the rapper Ice Cube where two families, one black, one white, switched places thanks to wigs, makeup and wardrobe and lived on the other side of what was – and is, Obama notwithstanding – still perceived as America’s defining racial divide. The very liberal white family overenthusiastically throw themselves into evangelical Baptist masses and slam poetry events; the black family’s son finds himself comfortable with white friends using the “n-word.”

It was very provocative and – years before Rachel Dolezal – imagined how a white person might actually consider it exciting and even advantageous to pretend to be black despite the expectations of systemic racism. It was also a complete set-up – the white family were portrayed by actors and the situations were stage-directed.”

  • simus1

    Reality TV is usually dirt cheap fakery fighting with infomercials for the same demographic.

  • Everyone Else

    Two realities you’d never know from reality TV

    1. Reality TV is scripted and writers get paid a lot.

    2. Acting is the only profession where beginners can do a great job.

    Combine them and you get nobodies as TV stars in fake worlds that feel real.

    Trump was a good actor in a scripted show (Apprentice).

    This tells us very little about the kind of politician he’s going to be.

  • Douglasshields

    On Our Community l-a-z-i-n-g-c-a-t-f-u Competition Of Money

  • Reality TV is retarded.

    • jayme

      I’ve never much cared for it either, because it was so obviously fake/scripted; that said, the better ones will draw you in if you let them – they can be catchy.