Indonesian School Accused of Spreading Radicalism

The principal of an Islamic school in Indonesia is denying allegations that it encouraged extremism by staging a play about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in which children put on outfits that made them look like jihadis.

The play caused a controversy because the young performers toted toy guns, while wearing headbands inscribed with Arabic words and masking their faces with sarongs, according to Indonesian media reports.

“We are not teaching radicalism. To the contrary, we are concerned for fellow Muslims,” Tomi Rohili, principal of Asshafa Islamic Elementary School in Depok, West Java, which staged the play last month, told BenarNews in a phone interview.


No not radicalism, just Islam.

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    On Our Community l-azingcatf-u Compare You to Others

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    Gee, I wonder where Obama got his ideas from …..

  • Muslim schoolchildren being taught hatred of non-Muslims.

    So what’s new?