Charlie Hebdo mentor’s wife LOSES human rights fight over terrorist conviction

THE wife of an al-Qaeda recruiter who mentored the Charlie Hebdo murders has lost her fight to overturn a terror conviction on the grounds of human rights in the Supreme Court.

Mother-of-three Sylvie Beghal – whose husband Djamel Beghal was jailed in France – had sought to overturn her conviction for refusing to co-operate with British police, who were investigating her husband, at East Midlands Airport in January 2011.

Five Supreme Court justices analysed her case at a hearing in London in November and ruled against her today.

  • David Murrell

    The article doesn’t say if the much beloved Sylvie Beghal spend any time in the clink for her refusal to cooperate with the police. The article does say she was, ir is, on social welfare. One rule to curb Islamic terrorism: no welfare, and plenty of jail time.