The changing face of immigrant Europe

The chaotic migrant problem in Europe has led to cities like Rome seeing historic sites taken over by gangs, making it both dangerous and unrecognisable. But now Brussels wants to off-load the new migrants to countries like Poland. They won’t be happy, but will the EU give them a choice?

Are the cities of Poland, Croatia, and other eastern European and Baltic countries of the EU about to be changed through massive African and Asian migrant settlement?

With thousands of migrants every day walking unchallenged across Europe’s porous south-eastern borders and an EU taxpayer-funded ferry service across the Mediterranean for unlimited numbers of migrants, the EU political class is now desperate to distribute these migrants to avoid social unrest.

Facing growing opposition at home to their sixty-year policy of African and Asian (mainly Muslim) immigration into western Europe, the Brussels political class are now looking eastwards for new places of immigrant settlement.

  • Brett_McS

    Western Europeans are positively welcoming of strangers compared to the Eastern Europeans, who don’t even like people from the neighbouring village. I suspect that a certain amount of tension will arise from this move.

    • SulemaMLanger
    • Nash Montana

      Western Europeans used to have that same tribal thinking but it got beat out of them with the formation of the EU.

      I knew then that the only answer to getting along was good fences. Good fences make good neighbors. The mixing of every country into one big pot could never turn out anything good.

      Most people knew that. But they were guilted into joining. Just as now, they’re guilted into being “welcoming” to all these multicultural enrichers.

  • tom_billesley

    “… desperate to distribute these migrants to avoid distribute social unrest.”

  • canminuteman

    This will backfire and be the one issue that hopefully destroys the EU. It was a stupid idea in the first place,

  • Waffle

    Lebensraum, chapter 2.

    • Solo712

      It’s not as much “Lebensraum” as it is “easy money off stupid people”.

  • Millie_Woods

    This is not ‘The Changing Face Of Immigrant Europe’. This is the evolution of European totalitarianism. Once again borders are being erased and invading forces are on the move all across Europe. Central command (in Brussels this time, not Berlin) are directing the invasion. The message is always the same, be it Poland, Czechoslovakia, or Hungary. Submit to our invaders or we will destroy you. The leopard doesn’t change its spots.

    • Nash Montana


  • Hard Little Machine

    The disconnect now is that with Europe’s population aging and shrinking someone’s going to have to do the work. But Europe being Europe just wants 10’s of millions of ‘refugees’ on the dole to demonstrate to the world how tolerant they are. No one’s going to be doing the work soon. Oh well. Western civilization was a pretty good idea for 2 thousand years, now we’re done.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Haven’t been to Europe for 15 years but it’s sounds like it has changed tremendously. So sad to hear and read about all of these stories where the local populations are being pressed out by the foreign ones. EU, supposed champion of human rights, is committing terrible human rights abuses on it’s own people. Absolute hypocrisy!

  • The “Euro elites” are hell bent on cultural suicide.

    What a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • pop

    Diversity for harmony?
    Without asking host cultures?
    I hope war breaks out over there.

  • Nash Montana

    I will never ever go back to my country of origin in Europe. Two years ago we thought it would be a good idea to move over there so I could be close to my dying mom. After two weeks we realized we couldn’t live in Europe anymore.

    My country has an immigration rate of 30%. That means, that pretty much one in three people is NOT an original indigenous Person, but some brown or black ‘multicultural enricher’ from the `balkan, middle east, or africa.

    The school my daughter went to was about 70% immigrants. My daughter is 8. Every day she was sexually and psychologically harassed by older boys. She had a big target on her back as an American girl. They would follow her home, say stuff like “hey fuck bitch, come here I wanna show you good time”, or “what’s your Facebook, what’s your instagram”, “suck my dick”.

    Yes. To an eight year old white girl who grew up in the most rural of areas of Montana.

    I ended up beating up three boys ages 12 to 14 from Afghanistan and Bosnia. After that they kind of left her alone, but I or her dad walked her to and from school every day nonetheless.

    Schools are powerless. They have that ‘hold hands and sing kumbaya’ mentality. The only answer I ever got from a teacher was ‘isn’t it nice they speak english to her’. The school board asked me to leave due to ‘xenophobic viewpoints’.

    I am telling you, Europe’s goose is cooked. Everything is much worse than what we see here in the US, and read or hear about. When you actually are immersed in a european country, no matter where, you will within one week of your immersion, be “touched” by the negative consequences of multi-cultural enrichment.

    There is no way out.

    We left Europe after a year and a half. Came back to the US. I have decided to burn all my bridges and focus on the future of my family here in the USA. This is the only country left in the world where the people still have a fighting chance. We are a great country. We have to believe in it, even when everything seems hopeless.

    We still have a chance at being that shining city on the hill. Everywhere else in the world, it’s ten times worse, always remember that. Believe in America!!!