Saudi Arabia’s King Salman backs Israel over Iran nuclear deal concerns

King Salman of Saudi Arabia voiced misgivings about the Iran nuclear deal to Ashton Carter, the visiting US defence secretary, on Wednesday, as the battle for hearts and minds over this month’s agreement moved from the Middle East to Washington.

Mr Carter, on a mission to sell the July 14 accord to America’s Middle Eastern allies, said the Saudi monarch had expressed reservations even while ostensibly welcoming it when they met in the Red Sea port of Jeddah.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Because Obama’s policies are so bad, they manage to unite both Arab and Jew against them.
    Well done!

  • simus1

    When everyone is trying to run a two faced foreign policy, it gets somewhat confusing if there is no way to keep track of who is receiving the biggest bribes.

  • bob e

    wahabbee ‘s are shitting their pants ..i like that part. the part i don’t like
    is all muslims will seek to annihilate us all .. i
    say let ’em go after each other & destroy all of their wealth in an atomic
    weapons exchange ..